Journey Into Space
BBC Radio science fiction drama serial from 1958 by Charles Chilton (74 30 min episodes)

BBC Radio science fiction drama serial written by Charles Chilton, first broadcast in 1958 as the series Operation Luna, followed by sequels from the same author including Space Force, plus one by Julian Simpson. Our square-jawed heroes confront the dangers of deep space and boldly charge towards another cliffhanger ending, courageously ignoring the mortal danger - and sometimes overlooking the laws of physics. 72 episodes plus 2 episodes of an interview with Charles Chilton.

  1. JIS01 Operation Luna 01of13 (unknown file size)
  2. JIS01 Operation Luna 02of13 (24.8Mb)
  3. JIS01 Operation Luna 03of13 (24.9Mb)
  4. JIS01 Operation Luna 04of13 (24.8Mb)
  5. JIS01 Operation Luna 05of13 (25Mb)
  6. JIS01 Operation Luna 06of13 (24.7Mb)
  7. JIS01 Operation Luna 07of13 (24.9Mb)
  8. JIS01 Operation Luna 08of13 (24.8Mb)
  9. JIS01 Operation Luna 09of13 (24.9Mb)
  10. JIS01 Operation Luna 10of13 (25.5Mb)
  11. JIS01 Operation Luna 11of13 (25Mb)
  12. JIS01 Operation Luna 12of13 (25.2Mb)
  13. JIS01 Operation Luna 13of13 (24.8Mb)
  14. JIS02 Red Planet 01of20 (unknown file size)
  15. JIS02 Red Planet 02of20 (unknown file size)
  16. JIS02 Red Planet 03of20 (unknown file size)
  17. JIS02 Red Planet 04of20 (unknown file size)
  18. JIS02 Red Planet 05of20 (unknown file size)
  19. JIS02 Red Planet 06of20 (unknown file size)
  20. JIS02 Red Planet 07of20 (unknown file size)
  21. JIS02 Red Planet 08of20 (unknown file size)
  22. JIS02 Red Planet 09of20 (unknown file size)
  23. JIS02 Red Planet 10of20 (unknown file size)
  24. JIS02 Red Planet 11of20 (unknown file size)
  25. JIS02 Red Planet 12of20 (unknown file size)
  26. JIS02 Red Planet 13of20 (unknown file size)
  27. JIS02 Red Planet 14of20 (unknown file size)
  28. JIS02 Red Planet 15of20 (unknown file size)
  29. JIS02 Red Planet 16of20 (unknown file size)
  30. JIS02 Red Planet 17of20 (unknown file size)
  31. JIS02 Red Planet 18of20 (unknown file size)
  32. JIS02 Red Planet 19of20 (unknown file size)
  33. JIS02 Red Planet 20of20 (unknown file size)
  34. JIS03 World In Peril 01of20 (unknown file size)
  35. JIS03 World In Peril 02of20 (unknown file size)
  36. JIS03 World In Peril 03of20 (unknown file size)
  37. JIS03 World In Peril 04of20 (unknown file size)
  38. JIS03 World In Peril 05of20 (unknown file size)
  39. JIS03 World In Peril 06of20 (unknown file size)
  40. JIS03 World In Peril 07of20 (unknown file size)
  41. JIS03 World In Peril 08of20 (unknown file size)
  42. JIS03 World In Peril 09of20 (unknown file size)
  43. JIS03 World In Peril 10of20 (unknown file size)
  44. JIS03 World In Peril 11of20 (unknown file size)
  45. JIS03 World In Peril 12of20 (unknown file size)
  46. JIS03 World In Peril 13of20 (unknown file size)
  47. JIS03 World In Peril 14of20 (unknown file size)
  48. JIS03 World In Peril 15of20 (unknown file size)
  49. JIS03 World In Peril 16of20 (unknown file size)
  50. JIS03 World In Peril 17of20 (unknown file size)
  51. JIS03 World In Peril 18of20 (unknown file size)
  52. JIS03 World In Peril 19of20 (unknown file size)
  53. JIS03 World In Peril 20of20 (unknown file size)
  54. JIS04 The Return From Mars 1of3 (28.4Mb)
  55. JIS04 The Return From Mars 2of3 (27.1Mb)
  56. JIS04 The Return From Mars 3of3 (28.1Mb)
  57. JIS05 Space Force One 1of6 (55.9Mb)
  58. JIS05 Space Force One 2of6 (56.9Mb)
  59. JIS05 Space Force One 3of6 (unknown file size)
  60. JIS05 Space Force One 4of6 (unknown file size)
  61. JIS05 Space Force One 5of6 (unknown file size)
  62. JIS05 Space Force One 6of6 (unknown file size)
  63. JIS06 Space Force Two 1of6 (61.4Mb)
  64. JIS06 Space Force Two 2of6 (56.9Mb)
  65. JIS06 Space Force Two 3of6 (unknown file size)
  66. JIS06 Space Force Two 4of6 (unknown file size)
  67. JIS06 Space Force Two 5of6 (61.1Mb)
  68. JIS06 Space Force Two 6of6 (unknown file size)
  69. JIS07 Frozen In Time 1of2 (28Mb)
  70. JIS07 Frozen In Time 2of2 (26Mb)
  71. JIS08 The Host 1of2 (26.4Mb)
  72. JIS08 The Host 2of2 (27.7Mb)
  73. JIS09 A Journey Into Space Force 1of2 (29.3Mb)
  74. JIS09 A Journey Into Space Force 2of2 (29.3Mb)

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