Revolting People
BBC radio sitcom set during the American Revolutionary War

Revolting People is a BBC Radio 4 situation comedy set in colonial Baltimore, Maryland, just before the American Revolutionary War. The series is written by the Briton Andy Hamilton and the American Jay Tarses, with Tarses playing a sour shopkeeper named Samuel Oliphant and Hamilton playing a cheerfully corrupt, one-legged, one-eyed, one-armed, one-eared one-nostrilled British soldier, Sergeant Roy McGurk, billeted on him.

  1. s1e01 - Storm Clouds (25.7Mb)
  2. s1e02 - More Storm Clouds (25.5Mb)
  3. s1e03 - Even More Storm Clouds (25.6Mb)
  4. s1e04 - Tons Of Storm Clouds (25.7Mb)
  5. s1e05 - A Helluva Lot Of Storm Clouds (25.4Mb)
  6. s1e06 - An Incredible Amount Of Storm Clouds (25.6Mb)
  7. s2e01 - Trying Times (25.7Mb)
  8. s2e02 - Even More Trying Times (25.6Mb)
  9. s2e03 - Some More Trying Times (25.9Mb)
  10. s2e04 - And Yet Even More Trying Times (25.7Mb)
  11. s2e05 - A Bunch More Trying Times (25.9Mb)
  12. s2e06 - Still In Trying Times (25.6Mb)
  13. s3e01 - Young Love (25.8Mb)
  14. s3e02 - A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (25.7Mb)
  15. s3e03 - The God-Given Talent (25.7Mb)
  16. s3e04 - Over The Rainbow (25.8Mb)
  17. s3e05 - Them Thar Hills (25.6Mb)
  18. s3e06 - Secrets And Lies (25.6Mb)
  19. s4e01 - Ezekiel Is Kidnapped (25.5Mb)
  20. s4e02 - McGurk Runs The Shop (25.6Mb)
  21. s4e03 - George Washington (25.7Mb)
  22. s4e04 - Pirates (25.7Mb)
  23. s4e05 - Reunion (25.5Mb)
  24. s4e06 - The King (25.8Mb)

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