The Missing Hancocks
Ten lost scripts re-recorded with Kevin McNally as Hancock

Ten long-lost, classic Hancock dramas, newly recorded, written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson and starring Kevin McNally as The Lad Himself.

  1. s1e01 - The Matador (Commentary).mp3 (48.9Mb)
  2. s1e01 - The Matador.mp3 (34.4Mb)
  3. s1e02 - The Newspaper.mp3 (38.8Mb)
  4. s1e03 - The Hancock Festival.mp3 (39.4Mb)
  5. s1e04 - The Breakfast Cereal.mp3 (38.6Mb)
  6. s1e05 - The New Neighbour.mp3 (38.7Mb)
  7. s2e01 - How Hancock Won the War (38.3Mb)
  8. s2e05 - The Trial of Father Christmas (37.1Mb)
  9. s2e02 - The Red Planet (39Mb)
  10. s2e03 - The Marriage Bureau (38.7Mb)
  11. s2e04 - A Visit to Russia (39.3Mb)

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