Clare in the Community: Series 10: This Is a Man's World
Episode Five - This Is A Man's World.

Episode Five - This Is A Man's World. Nali's ex-husband arrives unexpectedly and Clare takes it upon herself to intervene. Simon has some bad news about Brian's vitamin supplements. Sally Phillips is Clare Barker the social worker who has all the right jargon but never a practical solution. A control freak, Clare likes nothing better than interfering in other people's lives on both a professional and personal basis. Clare is in her thirties, white, middle class and heterosexual, all of which are occasional causes of discomfort to her. Each week we join Clare in her continued struggle to control both her professional and private life In today's Big Society there are plenty of challenges out there for an involved, caring social worker. Or even Clare. Written by Harry Venning and David Ramsden Producer Alexandra Smith.

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