Count Arthur Strong
BBC Radio Four comedy series

The fictional character Count Arthur Strong is an elderly, pompous, mostly out-of-work, deluded thespian from Doncaster, Yorkshire who appears to suffer from attention deficit disorder and memory loss. He is apt to use malapropisms in his attempts to sound educated. Count Arthur played Dickie Bow, the acting pool for the entire BBC in The Remains of Foley and McColl in 2000. He appeared in Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!, a series that was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 from 2005 to 2012, and is the central character in the BBC2 sitcom Count Arthur Strong, which first aired on 8 July 2013

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  1. s1e1 Book Signing (0Mb)
  2. s1e2 Cookery Show (0Mb)
  3. s1e3 Radio Play (0Mb)
  4. s1e4 James Bond (0Mb)
  5. s1e5 The Audition (0Mb)
  6. s1e6 Piccalilli (0Mb)
  7. s1e7 Christmas Special 2006 (0Mb)
  8. s2e1 Motivational Speech (0Mb)
  9. s2e2 Just a Minute (0Mb)
  10. s2e3 After Dinner Speech (0Mb)
  11. s2e4 Oxford Union (0Mb)
  12. s2e5 Hospital Appointment (0Mb)
  13. s2e6 Ancient Egypt Speech (0Mb)
  14. s3e1 Late Review (0Mb)
  15. s3e2 Car Boot (0Mb)
  16. s3e3 The Advert (0Mb)
  17. s3e4 Arthur Goes Camping (0Mb)
  18. s3e5 2001 a Space Idiocy (0Mb)
  19. s3e6 Piddler On The Roof (0Mb)
  20. s3e7 Role Play - Special 2008 (0Mb)
  21. s4e1 Kitchen Nightmare (0Mb)
  22. s4e2 An Audience With (0Mb)
  23. s4e3 Pub Quiz (0Mb)
  24. s4e4 Coach Trip (0Mb)
  25. s4e5 Charlie's Aunt (0Mb)
  26. s4e6 Documentary (0Mb)
  27. s5e1 Beer Cruise (0Mb)
  28. s5e2 Murder Most Fouled Up (0Mb)
  29. s5e3 Keep Fit (0Mb)
  30. s5e4 Yes Count Arthur (0Mb)
  31. s5e5 Cookery Book (0Mb)
  32. s5e6 The Musical (0Mb)
  33. s6e1 Citizens' Advice (0Mb)
  34. s6e2 Calendar Boys (0Mb)
  35. s6e3 Tour Guide (0Mb)
  36. s6e4 The Curse Of Count Arthur (0Mb)
  37. s6e5 Gone Fishing (0Mb)
  38. s6e6 Ship on a Bottle (0Mb)
  39. s7e1 The Minx (0Mb)
  40. s7e2 The Viewing (0Mb)
  41. s7e3 Arthurish (0Mb)
  42. s7e4 The Arrival (0Mb)
  43. s7e5 Spanish Elvis (0Mb)
  44. s7e6 Knights of the Round Table (0Mb)

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