François Truffaut interviews Alfred Hitchcock, from 1962.
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In 1962, François Truffaut carried out extensive interviews with Alfred Hitchcock at his offices at Universal Studios. The interviews were recorded to audio tape and the content eventually edited down into the "Hitchcock/Truffaut" book.

Although Truffaut could speak a little English, he hired Helen Scott (of the French Film Office in New York) to act as the translator for the interviews.

  1. Childhood through to early film work (26.3Mb)
  2. "Mountain Eagle" through to the end of the silent era (25.9Mb)
  3. "Blackmail" through to a discussion about American audiences (25.1Mb)
  4. "Rich and Strange" through to realism in films (25.6Mb)
  5. "The 39 Steps" through to plausibility in film and film critics (26.8Mb)
  6. "Secret Agent" and "Sabotage" (25.9Mb)
  7. "Young and Innocent" and "The Lady Vanishes" (25.7Mb)
  8. Final years in Britain through to his move to America (26.3Mb)
  9. "Rebecca" (26.1Mb)
  10. Discussion about Hollywood through to "Notorious" (26.4Mb)
  11. "Mr and Mrs Smith" through to "Suspicion" (24.7Mb)
  12. "Saboteur" through to "Shadow of a Doubt" (26.4Mb)
  13. "Lifeboat" through to "Spellbound" (25.4Mb)
  14. "Notorious" through to "The Paradine Case" (25.8Mb)
  15. "Rope" (26.7Mb)
  16. "Rope" and "Under Capricorn" (24.7Mb)
  17. "Stage Fright" through to "Strangers on a Train" (25.8Mb)
  18. "Strangers on a Train" through to "I Confess" (26.3Mb)
  19. "Notorious" through to a discussion about suspense (25.7Mb)
  20. Initial discussion of the "The Birds" through to "Rear Window" (26.8Mb)
  21. "The Wrong Man" through to "Vertigo" (27.2Mb)
  22. "North by Northwest" through to "Psycho" (24.8Mb)
  23. "Psycho" (26.2Mb)
  24. "The Birds" (26.1Mb)
  25. "Psycho" through to characterisation in films (26.2Mb)

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