BBC radio detective series

James McLevy was a real life Edinburgh policeman in the early / mid 19th century, and Edinburgh's first detective. He wrote on his work and is said to have inspired Arthur Conan Doyle.

Writer and actor David Ashton re-imagined McLevy and invented "The Happy Land", Edinburgh's finest bordello. He later went on to write 12 series of plays about McLevy, brothel keeper Jean Brash, and others.

  1. (Pilot) The Happy Land (15.1Mb)
  2. S01 E01 For Unto Us (15.3Mb)
  3. S01 E02 The Trophy Club (15.6Mb)
  4. S01 E03 The Second Shadow (14.6Mb)
  5. S01 E04 The Burning Question (15Mb)
  6. S02 E01 A Good Walk Spoilt (15Mb)
  7. S02 E02 Wild Justice (15Mb)
  8. S02 E03 The Wild Spark (15Mb)
  9. S02 E04 Stab in the Back (15Mb)
  10. S03 E01 Behind The Curtain (15.7Mb)
  11. S03 E02 A Voice From The Grave (15.6Mb)
  12. S03 E03 The Dark Shadow (15.5Mb)
  13. S03 E04 Servant Of The Crown (15.7Mb)
  14. S04 E01 A Piece Of Cake (15.7Mb)
  15. S04 E02 The Sea Change (15.7Mb)
  16. S04 E03 Sins Of The Fathers (15.6Mb)
  17. S04 E04 The Devil's Disguise (15.7Mb)
  18. Christmas Special (29.7Mb)
  19. S05 E01 To Keep Him Honest (15.6Mb)
  20. S05 E02 Picture Of Innocence (15.7Mb)
  21. S05 E03 The Chosen One (15.7Mb)
  22. S05 E04 The Reckoning (15.7Mb)
  23. S06 E01 A Bolt From The Blue (14.9Mb)
  24. S06 E02 End Of The Line (14.8Mb)
  25. S06 E03 Jack O' Diamonds (14.8Mb)
  26. S06 E04 Queen Of Spades (14.8Mb)
  27. S07 E01 The Firebrand (15.3Mb)
  28. S07 E02 Dead Reckoning (15.4Mb)
  29. S07 E03 Prince Of Darkness (15.5Mb)
  30. S07 E04 A Distant Death (15.4Mb)
  31. S08 E01 The Blue Gown (15.2Mb)
  32. S08 E02 Flesh And Blood (15.2Mb)
  33. S08 E03 A Fine Deception (15.1Mb)
  34. S08 E04 The Last Illusion (15.2Mb)
  35. S09 E01 A Dangerous Remedy (15.1Mb)
  36. S09 E02 No Looking Back (15.1Mb)
  37. S09 E03 A Pearl In The Oyster (15.1Mb)
  38. S09 E04 The Cross-Roads (15.1Mb)
  39. S10 E01 A Different Path (15.1Mb)
  40. S10 E02 The Cat's Claw (15.1Mb)
  41. S10 E03 A Sore Convulsion (15.1Mb)
  42. S10 E04 A Secret Life (15.1Mb)
  43. S11 E01 A Price To Pay (15.2Mb)
  44. S11 E02 The Seventh Veil (15.1Mb)
  45. S11 E03 The Night Walker (15.1Mb)
  46. S11 E04 The Devil Makes A Move (15.1Mb)
  47. S12 E01 A Matter Of Balance (15.1Mb)
  48. S12 E02 A Man Of Honour (15Mb)
  49. S12 E03 He Who Waits (15Mb)
  50. S12 E04 The Last Goodbye (15.2Mb)
  51. Meet James McLevy (2016 re-make of The Happy Land) (19.6Mb)

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