Round The Horne
1960s BBC radio comedy featuring Kenneth Horne and Kenneth Williams

Round the Horne is a BBC Radio comedy programme that was transmitted in four series of weekly episodes from 1965 until 1968. The series was created by Barry Took and Marty Feldman, with others contributing to later series after Feldman returned to performing, and starred Kenneth Horne, with Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee. The show's announcer was Douglas Smith and from time to time he took part in the sketches. It had musical interludes by close harmony singing group the Fraser Hayes Four, and accompaniment by the big band of Edwin Braden.

  1. The Clissold Saga 1, The Millionaire (13.5Mb)
  2. The Clissold Saga 2, The Aviator (14.2Mb)
  3. The Clissold Saga 3, The Pantomime Horse (14.1Mb)
  4. The Clissold Saga 4, The Archaeologist (14Mb)
  5. The Clissold Saga 5, The Early Films (13.2Mb)
  6. The Case Of The Tap-Dancing Monk (14Mb)
  7. Edwin Braden Is Missing (13.7Mb)
  8. Who Killed The Amazing Proudbag? (14.4Mb)
  9. The Spy Who Came In With A Cold (13.9Mb)
  10. Famous People are Turning into Animals (13.3Mb)
  11. From Russia, With Love (13.2Mb)
  12. The Man With The Golden Thunder (13.1Mb)
  13. The Eiffel Tower Is Stolen (13.7Mb)
  14. Pirate Radio (14.4Mb)
  15. The Rocket Site In Haiti (12.3Mb)
  16. Traffic Wardens In Outer Space (13.7Mb)
  17. Big Ben is Missing (13.7Mb)
  18. Big Ben Is Still Missing (13.4Mb)
  19. The Escaped War Criminal (13.7Mb)
  20. The World Cup Is Stolen (14.1Mb)
  21. The Nuclear Banana (13.7Mb)
  22. The Joke Thief (13.8Mb)
  23. Dr McKinlay's Scrapbook (13.7Mb)
  24. The Giant Mouse (13.5Mb)
  25. The Curse Of The Blackstumps (13.7Mb)
  26. The Portrait of Florian Thrust (13.7Mb)
  27. The Gaylords (13.7Mb)
  28. Dr Fu Man Chou En Ginsberg (13.6Mb)
  29. Moby Duck (13.6Mb)
  30. The Man With The Golden Thunder (11.6Mb)
  31. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (13.4Mb)
  32. The Plastic Max (13Mb)
  33. The Three Musketeers - Part 1 (13.1Mb)
  34. The Three Musketeers - Part 2 (13.1Mb)
  35. Lipharvest Of The River (13.2Mb)
  36. How The Bullet Proof Vest Was (13.1Mb)
  37. Trilby (13.2Mb)
  38. The Admirable Loombucket - The Sea Cruise (13.2Mb)
  39. The Admirable Loombucket - The Lost Island of Gonga (13.1Mb)
  40. The Gruntfuttock Saga (13.3Mb)
  41. Gaslight Son Of Flicker (13.2Mb)
  42. The Phantom Of Bogmouth Hip (13.2Mb)
  43. A Man Is Two Foot Tall (13.3Mb)
  44. Young Horne With A Man (13.2Mb)
  45. The Maltese Brass Monkey (13.1Mb)
  46. The Big Top (13Mb)
  47. The Muffplaster Saga - Part 1 (13.2Mb)
  48. The Muffplaster Saga - Part 2 (13.2Mb)
  49. The Muffplaster Saga - Part 3 (13.3Mb)
  50. The Palone Ranger (13.1Mb)
  51. The Head Of The BBC Who Came In From The Cold (13.2Mb)
  52. Cinderella - Christmas Special (13.4Mb)
  53. Hunchback - Christmas Special (13.3Mb)
  54. Dr Doosweet (13.4Mb)
  55. Thoroughly Modern Willy (13.7Mb)
  56. Frankenstein's Monster (13.6Mb)
  57. Knights of Camelot (14.1Mb)
  58. Relatively Grand Prix (13.8Mb)
  59. Big Broads Don't Squeal (14.1Mb)
  60. Celluloid Jungle (14.2Mb)
  61. Around The World In Ten Minutes (13.6Mb)
  62. Journey To Uranus (13.6Mb)
  63. Apache Story (13.4Mb)
  64. Escape From Staglag Limpwrist (13.7Mb)
  65. I Showed Them In Fleet Street (13.2Mb)
  66. Continuum Medicum Romanum (14.3Mb)
  67. Beau (13.7Mb)
  68. Bona Prince Charlie (13.7Mb)
  69. He, Son Of She (13.5Mb)

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