1834 & 1835

A man goes to sleep in 2003 and wakes up in 1834
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Jim Poyser's BBC radio series about the misadventures of Jason Slater, a 21st-century English teacher from Manchester, who wakes up one morning to find himself in Macclesfield in the year 1834, being called Tarquin, third son of Lord Belport and with a faithful valet named Ned, a suspicious older brother, a spurned ex-girlfriend now engaged to his "brother", no idea how he got there and what looks like no way of returning to his own time.

  1. 1834: What Century Are You Living In? (39.8Mb)
  2. 1834: The Time Machine (40.2Mb)
  3. 1834: Strong Continental Lager (39.1Mb)
  4. 1834: Dentists and Lovers (40.3Mb)
  5. 1834: London (39.5Mb)
  6. 1834: Victorian Principles (40Mb)
  7. 1835: All At Sea (38.4Mb)
  8. 1835: Haircut, Sir? (25.7Mb)
  9. 1835: The Reluctant Aristocrat (38.4Mb)
  10. 1835: The Old Bull And Bush (40.5Mb)

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