1834 & 1835
A man goes to sleep in 2003 and wakes up in 1834

Jim Poyser's BBC radio series about the misadventures of Jason Slater, a 21st-century English teacher from Manchester, who wakes up one morning to find himself in Macclesfield in the year 1834, being called Tarquin, third son of Lord Belport and with a faithful valet named Ned, a suspicious older brother, a spurned ex-girlfriend now engaged to his "brother", no idea how he got there and what looks like no way of returning to his own time.

  1. 1834, What Century Are You Living In? (39.8Mb)
  2. 1834, The Time Machine (40.2Mb)
  3. 1834, Strong Continental Lager (39.1Mb)
  4. 1834, Dentists and Lovers (40.3Mb)
  5. 1834, London (39.5Mb)
  6. 1834, Victorian Principles (40Mb)
  7. 1835, All At Sea (38.4Mb)
  8. 1835, Haircut Sir (25.7Mb)
  9. 1835, The Reluctant Aristocrat (38.4Mb)
  10. 1835, The Old Bull And Bush (40.5Mb)

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