Five Hundred Christmas Shows

A selection of old time radio Christmas themed shows
from archive.org

Five hundred Christmas holiday-themed old time radio shows. Also includes some Christmas-week news and New Year's Eve shows (and year-end retrospectives and news). Plus the Christmas V-Discs (I've uploaded a set of V-Discs to Archive.org) and a rip of Dennis Day's 1958 LP Christmas Is For The Family (with Jack Benny).

Not meant to be comprehensive but there's a lot, and they range from the ridiculous (The Christmas Bride) to the sublime (Truth or Consequence's hometown sound collage for a hospitalized paralyzed vet) and everything in-between.

As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or Archive.org itself.
Thanks. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

1951-xx-xx Tallulah Bankhead, Groucho Marx, Andrews Sisters, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Gordon MacRae, Meredith

  1. Don Lee New Year Party (0.7Mb)
  2. Christmas Eve Ghost (3.1Mb)
  3. The Christmas Stocking - Walt Disney and Friends (6.2Mb)
  4. Christmas Program (11.6Mb)
  5. Benny Goodman and his Orchestra Live From The Congress Hotel, Chicago (5.8Mb)
  6. The BBC Dance Orchestra, Directed By Henry Hall (4.8Mb)
  7. The Story Of Christmas Seals (5.3Mb)
  8. An Old-Fashioned Christmas (6.7Mb)
  9. Santa Will Not Ride Tonight - Jack Benny (13.5Mb)
  10. Uninhabited (5.1Mb)
  11. Hal Kemp and His Orchestra, Alice Faye (5.9Mb)
  12. North Pole (2.2Mb)
  13. 1937 In Review (7.7Mb)
  14. A Christmas Carol - Lionel Barrymore (12.2Mb)
  15. Christmas Show - Robert Taylor & Rita Johnson (11.7Mb)
  16. Lum and Abner's Christmas Story (2.7Mb)
  17. Jack's Christmas Open House (6.5Mb)
  18. The Man Who Murdered Time (5.6Mb)
  19. Goodbye, 1938 (5.7Mb)
  20. Geraldine Fitzgerald (9.9Mb)
  21. Christmas Shopping (5.7Mb)
  22. A Christmas Carol - Lionel Barrymore (11.4Mb)
  23. Blue Bird - Shirley Temple, Nelson Eddy (4.8Mb)
  24. The Stockings Were Hung (5.5Mb)
  25. Pinocchio (11.9Mb)
  26. 1939 In Review (13.1Mb)
  27. To Norwegians Living Abroad (0.3Mb)
  28. Congress Convenes Tomorrow (1.2Mb)
  29. Remember the Night - Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck (11.7Mb)
  30. Mailing Christmas Packages (6.2Mb)
  31. Sees London Burning (0.4Mb)
  32. Juggler of Notre Dame - Ronald Colman, Nelson Eddy (4.7Mb)
  33. Joey's Christmas Story (5.4Mb)
  34. Christmas Shopping (East Coast) (5.2Mb)
  35. Christmas 1940 (5.5Mb)
  36. Peace Comes to the Frontier (5.6Mb)
  37. Grim Christmas In London (0.3Mb)
  38. Christmas 1940 (5.5Mb)
  39. Minister For Home Security (0.1Mb)
  40. Amateur of the Month, Anthony Polimeni (12.2Mb)
  41. New Year War News (2.9Mb)
  42. New Session Of Congress Begins Tomorrow - kinda screwy (1.9Mb)
  43. Christmas Gift Exchange (6.6Mb)
  44. FDR Four Freedoms (6.4Mb)
  45. O. Henry - Karl Swenson (6Mb)
  46. Fibber Cuts His Own Tree (5.3Mb)
  47. Glenn Riggs (4.6Mb)
  48. Miracle in Manhattan (5.9Mb)
  49. Christmas by Injunction (5.4Mb)
  50. First Song - A Merry American Christmas (2.6Mb)
  51. The Happy Prince (4.9Mb)
  52. The Green Pastures - Juano Hernandez (5.5Mb)
  53. Santa and the Wicked Witch (6.3Mb)
  54. Christmas Presents (5.7Mb)
  55. The White House Christmas Tree (0.7Mb)
  56. Glenn Miller (2.2Mb)
  57. Fall Of Wake Island (0.1Mb)
  58. Christmas Broadcast (0.7Mb)
  59. White House Christmas Tree Ceremony (5.6Mb)
  60. Paul Taylor Chorus (2.3Mb)
  61. The Annual Christmas Show (2.7Mb)
  62. Address to U.S. Congress clip (0.3Mb)
  63. Who Wants To Be Born These Days? (6.5Mb)
  64. Goodbye, 1941 (4.9Mb)
  65. Resolution, 1841 (4.6Mb)
  66. John MacVane (1.9Mb)
  67. Promotion for Navy Relief Society (4.8Mb)
  68. World News Today (4.7Mb)
  69. Rise Stevens - Santa Claus Sits Down (6.9Mb)
  70. The Juggler of Our Lady - Nelson Eddy, Ronald Colman (5.2Mb)
  71. The Christmas Week Special (5.9Mb)
  72. Listening to the Christmas Carols (5.8Mb)
  73. Christmas Special (11.7Mb)
  74. Christmas In England (0.2Mb)
  75. The Plot To Overthrow Christmas (6Mb)
  76. Fay Bainter, Jack Carson (10.7Mb)
  77. A Christmas Carol (5.8Mb)
  78. First Song - A Merry American Christmas (2.3Mb)
  79. Radio Doctor Advice For Christmas (0.1Mb)
  80. Christmas With 8th Army In Tripoli (0.3Mb)
  81. House of the World (6.2Mb)
  82. Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee et al (3.9Mb)
  83. Second Husband (2.5Mb)
  84. From Camp Young, Palm Springs, California - Rita Hayworth (7Mb)
  85. Holiday Inn - Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore (5.3Mb)
  86. Ava Maria (0.8Mb)
  87. First Song - I'll Be Home For Christmas (4.9Mb)
  88. Bing Crosby, Chorus, and Orchestra - Silent Night (0.2Mb)
  89. Chorus and Organ - Joy To The World (0.4Mb)
  90. Chorus and Organ - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (0.7Mb)
  91. Richard Crooks With Organ - Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem (0.8Mb)
  92. Chorus With Organ - As With Gladness Men Of Old & Hark The Herald Angels Sing (0.5Mb)
  93. Wartime Rations Christmas (1Mb)
  94. Phil Silvers (5Mb)
  95. The Maltese Falcon - original cast (5.8Mb)
  96. Glenn Miller AAF Christmas Program (7.2Mb)
  97. World News Today (3.9Mb)
  98. The Gift Of The Magi by O. Heny (2.2Mb)
  99. Jack and Mary Go Christmas Shopping (5Mb)
  100. Canadian Women Serving Overseas (0.9Mb)
  101. A Child Is Born - Helen Hayes (5.1Mb)
  102. Back For Christmas, Peter Lorre (6.1Mb)
  103. Fireside Chat (4.1Mb)
  104. Christmas Eve At The Front Special (12.9Mb)
  105. The Story of Christmas Seals (2.7Mb)
  106. Armed Forces Christmas Package - Linda Darnell, Chaplain Robert B. Workman (4.7Mb)
  107. Christmas Special (19.6Mb)
  108. Christmas Speech (0.3Mb)
  109. Christmas Show (3.3Mb)
  110. Nick Carter's Christmas Adventure (5Mb)
  111. World News Today (4.3Mb)
  112. New Year's Message (11.7Mb)
  113. Christmas At Jack's House (4.5Mb)
  114. Show For Navy WAVES and Navy Nurses, San Diego Navy Hospital, Cary Grant (5.9Mb)
  115. Cass Daley (5.2Mb)
  116. Mr. 1943 (4.8Mb)
  117. Marian Anderson with Franz Rupp - Ave Maria (0.9Mb)
  118. Penny Serenade - Irene Dunne, Joseph Cotten (12.2Mb)
  119. Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra - March Of The Toys (0.4Mb)
  120. What Soldiers Want For Christmas (0.7Mb)
  121. Andre Kostelanetz with Orchestra and Chorus - 3 Christmas Carols (0.9Mb)
  122. The Band Of The Training Command Of AAF, vocal Cpl. Bob Carroll - Christmas Medley (1Mb)
  123. Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra - White Christmas (0.6Mb)
  124. Dick Haymes and the Travis Johnson Singers with Jesse Crawford at the Organ - 3 Christmas Carols (1.2Mb)
  125. The Ben Yost Choir and AAFTC Band intro by Brig Gen Joseph W. Byron, Hark The Herald Angels Sing & Oh Come All Ye Faithful (0.8Mb)
  126. Christmas Dinner In The Field (0.6Mb)
  127. Christmas Show (5.7Mb)
  128. Valley Forge (5.9Mb)
  129. The Christmas Present (5.1Mb)
  130. Judy Garland (10.9Mb)
  131. Drugstore - Frank Sinatra, Frank Morgan (5.2Mb)
  132. Reports On Ardennes Withdrawal (0.2Mb)
  133. Early Christmas Presents (5.4Mb)
  134. News (5.7Mb)
  135. Christmas Show (5.4Mb)
  136. Monty Woolley Christmas Program (5.9Mb)
  137. And The News (3Mb)
  138. Paul Taylor Chorus (5Mb)
  139. Christmas Show (22.9Mb)
  140. Glenn Miller First Reported Missing Christmas Eve 1944 (0.1Mb)
  141. We Are Not The Forgotton Front (0.2Mb)
  142. Jackie Gleason (5.9Mb)
  143. The Gift of the Little Shepherd by Walter Hank Richards (2.8Mb)
  144. A Stable in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (4.9Mb)
  145. Chorus Of The Great Lakes Naval Training Station (5.8Mb)
  146. Excerpt A Visit From St. Nick (1.7Mb)
  147. Trimming The Christmas Tree (5.1Mb)
  148. First Song - Tidings of Comfort and Joy (5Mb)
  149. Christmas Program (5.2Mb)
  150. Elgin 3rd Annual Christmas Show (21.8Mb)
  151. Christmas Bonus (Announced as "Lie or Consequences") (5.8Mb)
  152. Christmas on the Blue Network (20.2Mb)
  153. America for Christmas - Walter Huston (5.5Mb)
  154. News From Around The World (0.6Mb)
  155. A Present for Janey (5.2Mb)
  156. 1944 In Review (11.4Mb)
  157. New Year Preparation (5.2Mb)
  158. Jackson's New Years Eve Party (6.5Mb)
  159. 1st Show - Bing Crosby, Gabby Hayes (5.2Mb)
  160. World News Today (4.4Mb)
  161. Henry Gorrell - Christmas Greetings (2.2Mb)
  162. From Yuma Army Base, Arizona - Andrew Sisters then Lionel Hampton remote (5.1Mb)
  163. Andrew Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (0.4Mb)
  164. Frank Sinatra and WAVES chorus - Ave Maria (0.7Mb)
  165. Dinah Shore - Sleigh Ride In July (0.7Mb)
  166. Bing Crosby - Silent Night & Adeste Fidelis & Jingle Bells (1.2Mb)
  167. Eileen Farrell, The Band of the Training Command of the AAF - Ave Maria (0.5Mb)
  168. Eileen Farrell, The Ben Yost Choir, and Dick Liebert at the Organ - O Holy Night (0.5Mb)
  169. Jan Peerce, The Ben Yost Choir, and Band of the Training Command of the AAF - Angus Dei (0.7Mb)
  170. Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra - Keep The Home Fires Burning (0.6Mb)
  171. Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra - Nutcracker Suite Pt1&2 (1.8Mb)
  172. Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra - Nutcracker Suite Pt3&4 (1.5Mb)
  173. Johnny Mercer - On The Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe (0.6Mb)
  174. Frank Sinatra - You'll Never Walk Alone (0.6Mb)
  175. Christmas Brings Joy To Everyone (1Mb)
  176. Michael Redgrave (3Mb)
  177. Christmas Show From San Francisco A (6.5Mb)
  178. Christmas Show From VA Hospital Long Beach, California (3.5Mb)
  179. Fibber Paints The Christmas Tree White (5Mb)
  180. Ray Noble (4.9Mb)
  181. Double Entry, Keenan Wynn & Hume Cronin (5.5Mb)
  182. Elsa Maxwell Christmas Carol (5.3Mb)
  183. Ezra Stone (2.5Mb)
  184. Christmas Program (2.4Mb)
  185. The Night Before Christmas (5.6Mb)
  186. I'll Be Seeing You - Joseph Cotten, Dorothy McGuire (12.8Mb)
  187. Pinocchio - Fannie Brice, Hanley Stafford (5.1Mb)
  188. Names on the Land - Frank Morgan (5.2Mb)
  189. Christmas Special (12.4Mb)
  190. Elgin 4th Annual Christmas Show (21.3Mb)
  191. 1945 Christmas Special (28.1Mb)
  192. The Plot to Overthrow Christmas (4.7Mb)
  193. Christmas 1945 (2.4Mb)
  194. 1945 In Review (10.7Mb)
  195. Christmas Trees (6.5Mb)
  196. Stump Us (3Mb)
  197. Jack Benny (3.2Mb)
  198. Duke Ellington pre-emption (5.8Mb)
  199. New Year's Eve Radio Dance Party excerpt Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive (0.8Mb)
  200. The Iron Box (4.8Mb)
  201. New Year's Eve Radio Dance Party (10.1Mb)
  202. O Little Town Of Bethlehem etc. (0.8Mb)
  203. RKO Radio Pictures(Musical selections from) The Bells of St. Mary's (3.9Mb)
  204. Angel of Death - Paul Henreid (5.2Mb)
  205. The Lost Weekend - Ray Milland, Jane Wyman, Frank Faylen (5.3Mb)
  206. First Song - Johnny Mercer Let It Snow (5.8Mb)
  207. Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra - Ave Maria (0.5Mb)
  208. First Song - Johnny Mercer Let It Snow (5.7Mb)
  209. Spike Jones and his City Slickers - Excerpts From "The Nutcracker Suite" (Tschaikowsky) (1.3Mb)
  210. Bing Crosby, with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra - Let It Snow (0.5Mb)
  211. Nelson Eddy and Choral Group, with Robert Armbruster and his Orchestra - God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen & Gathering Clouds (0.5Mb)
  212. Nelson Eddy and Choral Group, with Robert Armbruster and his Orchestra - Hallelujah Chorus (From "The Messiah") Handel (0.3Mb)
  213. Nelson Eddy and Choral Group, with Robert Armbruster and his Orchestra - Silent Night (0.2Mb)
  214. Dick Haymes, with Gordon Jenkins' Orchestra and Chorus - O Come All Ye Faithful (0.4Mb)
  215. Dick Haymes, with Gordon Jenkins' Orchestra and Chorus - Silent Night (0.6Mb)
  216. Christmas in Connecticut - Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, Leon Belasco (5.2Mb)
  217. Meet Me In St. Louis - Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien (10.1Mb)
  218. Christmas Present (4.9Mb)
  219. Peggy Lee, Jerry Colonna (5.2Mb)
  220. Sing for the King (4.4Mb)
  221. Christmas Shopping (4.5Mb)
  222. Skitch Henderson and Peggy Lee (5.9Mb)
  223. Leroy Wants a Motor Scooter (5.1Mb)
  224. Christmas Shopping (5.8Mb)
  225. Room For A Stranger - Frank Sinatra (6.3Mb)
  226. Christmas Present (2.6Mb)
  227. Walter Winchell (2.6Mb)
  228. Christmas Party At Birmingham General Hospital (6.5Mb)
  229. Snow White - Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Mary Jane Smith, Charles Kemper (5Mb)
  230. The Du Pont Chorus (5.6Mb)
  231. Christmas Party (17.5Mb)
  232. Mel Plays Santa Claus (4.8Mb)
  233. Andy Plays Santa Claus (5.2Mb)
  234. Fixing Broken Toys For Needy Children (5.4Mb)
  235. From Sawtelle Veteran's Hospital, California - Bing Crosby, Doris Day, General Bradley (5.5Mb)
  236. Skitch Henderson and the Charioteers (6.5Mb)
  237. Christmas Special 1946 (10.3Mb)
  238. Proctor & Gamble Christmas Special (9.8Mb)
  239. Christmas Caroling at Home (5.1Mb)
  240. Bells of San Pedro (5.5Mb)
  241. 1946 In Review (13.2Mb)
  242. Eddie Cantor (2.6Mb)
  243. New Year's Eve Party (6Mb)
  244. Christmas 1946 (3.3Mb)
  245. The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus (5.3Mb)
  246. Chiquita Christmas Program (2.7Mb)
  247. Joe Frisco, Peggy Lee (5.1Mb)
  248. New Year's Show (4.5Mb)
  249. New Year's Costume Ball (5.2Mb)
  250. Bogart and Bacall (4.5Mb)
  251. New Year's Nightmare (6.3Mb)
  252. It's a Wonderful Life - James Stewart, Donna Reed (11.9Mb)
  253. Bing Crosby, Skitch Henderson and his Orchestra - Adeste Fidelis (0.7Mb)
  254. Bing Crosby - Silent Night (0.4Mb)
  255. Dick Haymes - Let It Snow (0.4Mb)
  256. And Her Name Was Mary (3.9Mb)
  257. Blessed Among Women (4.4Mb)
  258. Substitute Santa (5.2Mb)
  259. Go and Be Counted (5.6Mb)
  260. Elston Brooks (2.9Mb)
  261. Jimmy Durante (6.5Mb)
  262. A Child Is Born (6.5Mb)
  263. Wounded Soldier in VA Hospital, Christmas Seals (5.2Mb)
  264. Chuckle Charlie & The Christmas Cloud, Morey Amsterdam (5.3Mb)
  265. No Room at the Inn (4.6Mb)
  266. Christmas Show - First Song Here Comes Santa Claus (8Mb)
  267. The Adventure of the Christmas Bride (5.2Mb)
  268. The Gift of Murder (5.4Mb)
  269. Annual Christmas Show (5.1Mb)
  270. Last Minute Christmas Shopping (5.2Mb)
  271. From A Starlit Hill - rough in spots (4.5Mb)
  272. The Sophia Howard Case (5.3Mb)
  273. Greer Garson, Roger Pryor (2.5Mb)
  274. The Du Pont Chorus (7.8Mb)
  275. Letter to Santa (0.6Mb)
  276. Christmas Show (6.5Mb)
  277. First Song - Come All Ye Faithful (6.6Mb)
  278. Nineteen Santa Clauses (5.1Mb)
  279. Where Oh Where Has My Mary Gone? (4.4Mb)
  280. Margaret O'Brien (5.6Mb)
  281. 1947 Christmas (2.6Mb)
  282. The Santa Claus Of Bums' Boulevard (5.4Mb)
  283. Boris Karloff (4.9Mb)
  284. The Christmas Chapter from The Pickwick Papers (4.5Mb)
  285. Family Christmas Present - TV or Piano? (5.8Mb)
  286. Flight into Egypt (4.6Mb)
  287. Monty Woolley (4.7Mb)
  288. New Year's Eve Off Scilly Isles (3.3Mb)
  289. Rain on New Year's Eve (4.6Mb)
  290. Hot New Year's Party (4.9Mb)
  291. News (2.6Mb)
  292. Architect Richard Neutra (6.8Mb)
  293. The Burning Christmas Tree (5.8Mb)
  294. The Bishop's Wife - Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven (4.8Mb)
  295. Herva Nelli, with Orchestra conducted by Arturo Toscanini - Ave Maria (From "Otello") Verdi (0.7Mb)
  296. Frank Sinatra, with Axel Stordahl and Orchestra - Everhomeward (0.6Mb)
  297. Arriving At The North Pole (2.9Mb)
  298. A Tour Of Santa's Workshop (3Mb)
  299. Frank Sinatra, with Alex Stordahl and his Orchestra - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (0.3Mb)
  300. Frank Sinatra, with Alex Stordahl and his Orchestra - Jingle Bells (0.5Mb)
  301. Frank Sinatra, with Alex Stordahl and his Orchestra - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (0.5Mb)
  302. A Daddy for Christmas (4.4Mb)
  303. Marie McDonald (2.6Mb)
  304. Home for Christmas (6.1Mb)
  305. Walter Winchell - Geography Books Are Wrong (2.9Mb)
  306. Christmas Party (5.9Mb)
  307. Christmas Wallet for Don Wilson (5.2Mb)
  308. Jack Benny Plays Santa (5.2Mb)
  309. Miracle on 34th Street - Maureen O'Hara John Payne Edmund Gwenn (11.1Mb)
  310. Irma's Christmas Party (5.3Mb)
  311. Three Men (6.3Mb)
  312. Gregory Peck, Doris Day (5.4Mb)
  313. Miracle on Third Avenue - Christmas Show with Jeff Chandler.Mp3 (5.9Mb)
  314. Blessed Are They (5.4Mb)
  315. Stolen Rings At Christmas (4.9Mb)
  316. Archie's In Poor Spirits (5.4Mb)
  317. Christmas Show (6.6Mb)
  318. Christmas Story (4Mb)
  319. The Spirit Of Christmas (2.8Mb)
  320. First Song - Jingle Bells (2Mb)
  321. Christmas Bonuses from Mr. Stevenson (5.3Mb)
  322. Rose Marie (5.6Mb)
  323. 7th Annual Elgin Christmas Show (18.9Mb)
  324. Christmas 1948 Cass Daley (12.9Mb)
  325. Christmas Special - Ann Sothern, Edmund Gwenn (25.1Mb)
  326. Christmas Story (6.8Mb)
  327. Their Worst Show Ever (5Mb)
  328. Walter Winchell - Final Broadcast For Jergens (2.7Mb)
  329. Delayed Christmas Present (5.9Mb)
  330. Berlin, 1945 (4.8Mb)
  331. Final Show For NBC (6.5Mb)
  332. Broken Christmas (5.6Mb)
  333. Christmas Day Show - Berlin Airlift General Doolittle (7.6Mb)
  334. Missing Christmas Cards, Dorothy Shaye (4.9Mb)
  335. New Year's Eve (6.6Mb)
  336. George Raft 1948 In Review (2.9Mb)
  337. Christmas Harps - Diane Deering, Marie MacQuarrie (2.8Mb)
  338. Top Tunes Of '48 (6.2Mb)
  339. Laraine Day (4.6Mb)
  340. United Press (4.5Mb)
  341. Old Clothes For Party (5.6Mb)
  342. 1st show for CBS - Amos 'n' Andy (5.6Mb)
  343. Dancing Dan's Christmas (5.4Mb)
  344. Jack Frost (5.3Mb)
  345. Frank Sinatra (3.6Mb)
  346. The Other Wise Man (5.3Mb)
  347. The Night Before Christmas (5.9Mb)
  348. The Christmas Present Switch (5.1Mb)
  349. Follow That Train (4.9Mb)
  350. Bing Crosby, Rhonda Fleming (5.5Mb)
  351. The Littlest Angel (4.6Mb)
  352. A .22 Rifle for Christmas (4.6Mb)
  353. Christmas Caroling In A Stolen Sleigh (5Mb)
  354. Christmas Story (5.9Mb)
  355. Nick Norman & Santa Claus (5.2Mb)
  356. How I Played Santa Claus (6.6Mb)
  357. A Christmas Carol (4.9Mb)
  358. Alan Ladd (2.9Mb)
  359. The Magic Christmas Tree (5.1Mb)
  360. The Man Who Came To Dinner - Jack Benny (from podcast) (10.5Mb)
  361. Letter from Cynthia (5.6Mb)
  362. An Army of Stars Salutes the Salvation Army at Christmas 1949 (5.3Mb)
  363. Hawaii Calls (5.4Mb)
  364. New Year's Eve Show (5.4Mb)
  365. Richard Whorf - Gift Of The Magi (2.7Mb)
  366. People and Events of 1949 (10.1Mb)
  367. Jingle Bells (0.6Mb)
  368. Dick Haymes & the Song Spinners; Choir, Russian Cathedfas, Paris; Trinity Choir; Stokowsky & Philadelphia Orchestra (2.6Mb)
  369. Dick Haymes & the Song Spinners etc (2.8Mb)
  370. Babysitting on New Years Eve (5.8Mb)
  371. Murder At Romanoff's - Famous Fluffs (from podcast) (5.3Mb)
  372. Little Women - June Allyson, Peter Lawford (10.6Mb)
  373. From Long Beach, California Veteran's Hospital - Claudette Colbert, Margaret Whiting (4.3Mb)
  374. Edward R. Murrow (10.3Mb)
  375. The Christmas Card Pictures (5.9Mb)
  376. Deborah Kerr, Louis Armstrong, et al (17.6Mb)
  377. The Du Pont Chorus (5.5Mb)
  378. Children's Christmas Party (5.7Mb)
  379. Joppe the Juggler (4.8Mb)
  380. Christmas (5.1Mb)
  381. Christmas For Carole, Dennis Day (4.5Mb)
  382. Annual Christmas Skit (5.3Mb)
  383. Edward R. Murrow (10.6Mb)
  384. A Child Visits (4.8Mb)
  385. The Slaughtered Santas (5.3Mb)
  386. The Jolly Rovers' Christmas Stag (5.2Mb)
  387. Santa Claus Is No Saint (5.5Mb)
  388. Christmas Present (5.2Mb)
  389. Jimmy Durante, Robert Merrill, General Jonathan Wainwright (17.3Mb)
  390. excerpt Edith Piaf - Autumn Leaves (1.5Mb)
  391. The Nativity (4.6Mb)
  392. Wizard of Oz - Judy Garland (10.7Mb)
  393. Santa Claus in Glass (5.8Mb)
  394. The Christmas Tree (5.1Mb)
  395. New Year's Dance (5.5Mb)
  396. A Severe Case of The Flimjabs (5Mb)
  397. Vivian Blaine, Jose Ferrer (15.9Mb)
  398. The Blessed Virgin Mary (4.6Mb)
  399. The Wilkens Amateur Hour (11.8Mb)
  400. Thunder In the Valley (2.8Mb)
  401. Gus Trudeau (4.6Mb)
  402. Panelist is Santa Claus (6.2Mb)
  403. The Innocent Santa Claus (6.2Mb)
  404. The Du Pont Chorus (7.1Mb)
  405. Lullaby of Christmas (5.2Mb)
  406. The Snowman (7.1Mb)
  407. Five Days Off for Christmas (5.1Mb)
  408. Christmas Show (5.2Mb)
  409. Christmas Story - Conrad Nagel (5.6Mb)
  410. Christmas Payoff (5.3Mb)
  411. Andy Plays Santa Claus (5.3Mb)
  412. From Long Beach, California Veteran's Hospital - Bing Crosby (3.8Mb)
  413. Christmas Story (4.9Mb)
  414. The Day They Gave Babies Away - Bobby Driscoll (5.6Mb)
  415. Christmas Eve Ghost (5.9Mb)
  416. Star of Wonder (4.7Mb)
  417. Congo Christmas (4.9Mb)
  418. All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (0.6Mb)
  419. Fibber McGee And Molly (2.6Mb)
  420. Margaret Whiting (2.5Mb)
  421. May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You (0.6Mb)
  422. The Santa Claus Rustlers (5.2Mb)
  423. Barbed-Wire Christmas - Kermit Murdock (4.4Mb)
  424. Crossroads of Christmas (4Mb)
  425. Christmas Story (5.2Mb)
  426. Keeping Faith (5.2Mb)
  427. Timmy's Christmas (4.8Mb)
  428. Alice Volunteers (5.2Mb)
  429. Les Miserables - Ronald Colman, Deborah Paget (8.3Mb)
  430. Artic Rescue, Joseph Cotton (5.7Mb)
  431. Christmas in America - Walter Hampden (6Mb)
  432. The Nativity (4.1Mb)
  433. Frank Sinatra, Christmas (6.2Mb)
  434. The Presentation of the Christ Child (4Mb)
  435. AFRS Story (5.6Mb)
  436. Count Basie and his Orchestra live from Birdland, NYC (3.7Mb)
  437. Ceres and Proserpina (4.1Mb)
  438. Christmas Shopping (5.7Mb)
  439. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (5.3Mb)
  440. Liz Gets a Christmas Job at the Perfume Counter (4.4Mb)
  441. Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol (5.8Mb)
  442. Peter Pan (10.7Mb)
  443. Out For Christmas, Raymond Burr (11.4Mb)
  444. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Greer Garson (5Mb)
  445. Morgan Beatty (10.4Mb)
  446. The Plot To Murder Santa Claus (4.9Mb)
  447. Here Comes Santa Claus (5.5Mb)
  448. Everyone Helps Decorate Christmas Tree (2Mb)
  449. Frank Sinatra (6.3Mb)
  450. From Long Beach Veteran's Hospital - Esther Williams (6Mb)
  451. The Three Wise Men with noise reduction (4.6Mb)
  452. The Little Prince (4.8Mb)
  453. Christmas Dragnet (Parts I & II) (1.2Mb)
  454. Andy's New Year's Date (5Mb)
  455. A Christmas Carol (4.2Mb)
  456. A Pony for Christmas (5.7Mb)
  457. Poetry for Christmas (5.3Mb)
  458. The Big Little Jesus (4.7Mb)
  459. First Song - Let It Snow (2.4Mb)
  460. From Long Beach Veteran's Hospital - Christmas (5Mb)
  461. Kitty Lost (5.6Mb)
  462. New Year's Ball (5.8Mb)
  463. Rose Bowl Parade (7Mb)
  464. Anthology 1954: A Radio Review (5.2Mb)
  465. A Present for Benny, Jack Kruschen (6.6Mb)
  466. The Cave, John Dehner (5.2Mb)
  467. Christmas Show (10.9Mb)
  468. Gabriel Heatter, Virgil Pinkley (4.8Mb)
  469. VA Hospital's Christmas - Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore (2Mb)
  470. Nuttin' for Christmas (0.4Mb)
  471. Pucket's New Year (4.5Mb)
  472. Arctic Rescue, John Stevenson (6.4Mb)
  473. Beeker's Barn (5Mb)
  474. All Is Bright (4.3Mb)
  475. The Missing Mouse Matter (5.3Mb)
  476. Out Of Jail For Christmas (4.7Mb)
  477. Where'd They Go? (3.9Mb)
  478. Hanging Cross (5Mb)
  479. 32nd of December, Frank Lovejoy (3.4Mb)
  480. Green Christmas (1.2Mb)
  481. A Korean Christmas Carol, Bill Lipton (3.4Mb)
  482. Christmas Show (4.9Mb)
  483. Caldwell and Pollard live from the Northern Hotel Billings Montana (6.7Mb)
  484. Zero Hour, Ray Bradbury (4.5Mb)
  485. Christmas Show (5.9Mb)
  486. Ford Foundation President, Henry Heald (5Mb)
  487. Yuletide Miracle, Larry Haines (6.2Mb)
  488. First Song - I Feel A Song Coming On (4.4Mb)
  489. Christmas Sing With Bing (8.6Mb)
  490. Sargent Shriver (6.1Mb)
  491. Monitor (3.7Mb)
  492. American Christmas (4.3Mb)
  493. Peace In The Valley (0.5Mb)
  494. Eydie Gorme (2.9Mb)
  495. Monitor (6.2Mb)
  496. Flick's Tongue (9.7Mb)
  497. Christmas Show Long Binh (15Mb)
  498. 1968 In Review (9.8Mb)
  499. Monitor (9.3Mb)
  500. Earliest Christmas (8.1Mb)
  501. Live From Town Hall NYC (6.8Mb)
  502. A Christmas Mood (7.9Mb)
  503. Red Ryder (8.2Mb)
  504. Army Christmas Gift (8.4Mb)
  505. Stooge, Barley, & Tiny Jim (8Mb)
  506. Red Ryder (9.2Mb)
  507. Jack Benny Tribute (4.5Mb)
  508. Boy Scout Santa Claus (8.5Mb)
  509. Gift Wrapper (7Mb)
  510. Hellbound Train (8.3Mb)
  511. A Christmas Carol (10Mb)
  512. Pole Line Christmas (8.4Mb)
  513. Kraft Family Reunion Special 1978 (8.9Mb)
  514. Summer Radio Picnic with the Kraft Family 1979 (8.9Mb)
  515. The Last of Scrooge (7Mb)
  516. Live New Year's Eve Detroit (4.5Mb)
  517. The Birth of Jesus - Not sure if this is an episode of The Greatest Story Ever Told (3.4Mb)
  518. Gene Lockhart (4.5Mb)
  519. New Year's Day In A Taxi (4.9Mb)
  520. The Handmaid of the Lord (4.8Mb)
  521. Mel's Bottomless Hole 2002-01-29 & 12-20 Replay (30Mb)
  522. 0929a Christmas Truce (1.7Mb)
  523. Futurist Forecasts - Dr. Peter Bishop, Andy Hines, Terry Grim, Garry Golden, Captain Kelly Sweeney, Galen Cook (28Mb)
  524. Mushrooms & Origins of Christmas - Jan Irvin, Linda Schurman (27.7Mb)
  525. A1 Jingle Bells (0.6Mb)
  526. A2 White Christmas (0.9Mb)
  527. A3 May Santa Fill Our Hearts (0.6Mb)
  528. A4 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (0.6Mb)
  529. A5 I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (0.7Mb)
  530. A6 Christmas Is For The Family (0.8Mb)
  531. B1 Silent Night (0.6Mb)
  532. B2 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (0.5Mb)
  533. B3 O Little Town Of Bethlehem (0.6Mb)
  534. B4 Oh Holy Night (0.7Mb)
  535. B5 Away In A Manger (0.6Mb)
  536. B6 Oh Come All Ye Faithful, The First Noel, God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (1Mb)
  537. Rummy Rocker Boy (1.9Mb)

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