Nineteen Ninety-Four

George Orwell parody from 1985, written by William Osborne and Richard Turner
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Nineteen Ninety-Four is a BBC Radio 4 comedy series and a book written by William Osborne and Richard Turner. The six-part radio series was first broadcast in March 1985, and the book published in 1986. The title is a reference to the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.

With Robert Lindsay as Edward Wilson, Siobhan Redmond as Sophie, Paul Shearer as Charles, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson, David Goodland, Pam Ferris, Richard Turner and Mark Knox.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 March - April 1985

Followed two years later by a second series, "Nineteen Ninety-Eight".

  1. Work is Freedom (25.2Mb)
  2. Freedom is Choice (25.5Mb)
  3. Choice is Progress (25.4Mb)
  4. Progress is Power (25.3Mb)
  5. Power is Happiness (25.2Mb)
  6. Happiness is Work (25.6Mb)
  7. Series Two, Episode One (25.1Mb)
  8. Series Two, Episode Two (25.2Mb)
  9. Series Two, Episode Three (25Mb)
  10. Series Two, Episode Four (25Mb)
  11. Series Two, Episode Five (24.5Mb)
  12. Series Two, Episode Six (25.1Mb)

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