2000 Plus
Sci-fi radio show from 1950

2000 Plus is a fun, old school sci fi show from 1950. Good sound effects, entertaining stories usually dealing with paranoia over technology, aliens, and the like. The quality is pretty good, although the 'Robot Killer' file is blank. I'd recommend these for anyone looking for that 1950s scifi flavor

  1. Men From Mars, the (6.8Mb)
  2. When Machines Went Mad (5Mb)
  3. When Worlds Met (6.8Mb)
  4. Insect, the (6.8Mb)
  5. Other Man, the (7Mb)
  6. Brooklyn Brain, the (6.7Mb)
  7. Space Wreck (26.7Mb)
  8. Veteran Comes Home, a (6.5Mb)
  9. Green Thing, the (5.2Mb)
  10. Giant Walks, the (6.4Mb)
  11. Worlds Apart (6.5Mb)
  12. Flying Saucers (6.8Mb)
  13. Rocket And The Skull, the (6.3Mb)
  14. 1950 The Robot Killer (6.3Mb)
  15. no title (6.4Mb)
  16. Temple Of The Pharaohs (27Mb)

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