2000 Years of Radio

Historical radio comedy
from archive.org

If you thought radio was an invention of the 20th century, then you're wrong and here is the proof.

Series one. Written and performed by Marcus Brigstocke, Claire Downes, Stuart Lane, Al Holloway, Danny Robbins and Dan Tetsell, taking a look at radio as broadcast throughout history.

None of the sketches last more than a couple of minutes, themes are repeated across the ages, and the whole thing is deeply silly, but great fun.

  1. Roman Britain Radio (13.3Mb)
  2. Dark Age FM (13.6Mb)
  3. The Crusade Roadshow (13.8Mb)
  4. Headless Civil War Radio (13.6Mb)
  5. Mad Georgian Radio (13.7Mb)
  6. Steaming Radio Victoriana (13.7Mb)
  7. Mustard (14.5Mb)
  8. Tempest (13.3Mb)
  9. Greensleeves (16.7Mb)
  10. Sherwood (13.3Mb)
  11. Olympics (16.7Mb)

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