44 Scotland Street
Quirky goings on in Edinburgh's suburbia

Written and dramatised by Alexander McCall Smith

Edinburgh's Georgian New Town is the setting for the quirky tales and 'goings on' of Alexander McCall Smith's much loved characters that feature in his bestselling series of books, 44 Scotland Street.

Major recurring characters
Pat MacGregor, a student during her second gap year
Matthew Duncan, owner of an art gallery and Pat's boss
Bertie Pollock, 5-year old saxophone player, son of the dreadful Irene
Irene Pollock, Bertie's mother, busybody and disciple of Melanie Klein
Domenica MacDonald, their neighbour
Bruce Anderson, Pat's narcissistic flatmate
Angus Lordie, portrait painter and owner of Cyril
Big Lou, owner of the coffee bar

Minor characters
Cyril, Angus's dog with the gold tooth
Stuart Pollock, Bertie's statistician father
Dr. Hugo Fairbairn, Bertie's psychoanalyst
Elspeth Harmony, Bertie's teacher
Ian Rankin, Scottish novelist of Rebus fame
Aloysius (Lard) O'Connor, Glasgow "business man"
Ramsey Dunbarton, retired lawyer

Angus Lordie Crawford Logan
Domenica Carol Ann Crawford
Big Lou Anita Vettesse
Irene Emma Currie
Bertie Simon Kerr
Secretary Richard Conlon
Torquil Maclean James Bryce

Written and adapted for radio by Alexander McCall Smith
Directed and Produced by David Neville

A BBC Radio 4 drama production

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