4 Stands Up

British standup comedy
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This series features stand-up performances from some of the best comic talent in the UK. The first series was hosted by Michael McIntyre, the second by Rhod Gilbert and the third by Chris Addison.

Each episode follows the same format. The host presents three different acts. The first is a young comedian with their own unique style. The second act delivers sketches, musical pieces or character comedy. The final part is filled by a big headline act.

4 Stands Up is a BBC radio comedy show which has run since December 2007. The programme, which is broadcast on Thursdays at 6:30 pm on BBC Radio 4, contains stand up material from three comedy acts each show, with additional material from the show’s host. The host remains consistent throughout the series, and the role has so far been filled by Michael McIntyre, Rhod Gilbert and Chris Addison.

  1. S01E01 – Michael McIntyre, Micky Flanagan, Tom Basden, Mark Watson (12.9Mb)
  2. S01E02 – Michael McIntyre, Paul Sinha, Isy Suttie, Richard Herring (12.7Mb)
  3. S01E03 – Michael McIntyre, Shappi Khorsandi, Wil Hodgson, Rhod Gilbert (12.8Mb)
  4. S01E04 – Michael McIntyre, Josie Long, Colin & Fergus, Ed Byrne (12.8Mb)
  5. S02E01 – Rhod Gilbert, Russell Kane, Wilson Dixon, Stephen K. Amos (12.7Mb)
  6. S02E02 – Rhod Gilbert, Stewart Francis, Jo Neary, Chris Addison (12.8Mb)
  7. S02E03 – Rhod Gilbert, Miles Jupp, Ginger & Black, Justin Moorhouse (12.7Mb)
  8. S02E04 – Rhod Gilbert, Danielle Ward, Doc Brown, Robin Ince (12.7Mb)
  9. S03E01 – Chris Addison, Stephen Carlin, Adams & Rea, Jon Richardson (12.7Mb)
  10. S03E02 – Chris Addison, Sarah Millican, James Sherwood, Jeff Green (12.7Mb)
  11. S03E03 – Chris Addison, Josh Howie, Alun Cochrane, Simon Brodkin (12.8Mb)
  12. S03E04 – Chris Addison, Gareth Richards, Dan Antopolski, Zoe Lyons (12.8Mb)
  13. S03E05 – Chris Addison, John Gordillo, Francesca Martinez, Andrew Lawrence (12.8Mb)
  14. S03E06 – Chris Addison, Matt Kirshen, Tim Vine, Pippa Evans (12.7Mb)

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