ABC Mystery Time

1950s US drama series
from archive.org

ABC Mystery Time came on the air circa 1956, late enough in the Golden Age of Radio that all of the episodes should have survived. This is doubly sad because it was such a terrific program.

The network and its affiliates tinkered with the title of the program at times, calling it Masters Of Mystery, Mystery Time Classics, and just plain old Mystery Time. The official name of the program, hosted by Don Dowd, was always ABC Mystery Time. The program did have enough to attract some serious star power, including the immortal Sir Laurence Olivier! Mystery Time may not be as recognizable as some of NBC and CBS's mystery classics, but the shows are every bit as much fun!

  1. Death by Proxy (21.6Mb)
  2. Death Walked In (8.1Mb)
  3. Four Fatal Jugglers (8.4Mb)
  4. Four Time Loser (8.3Mb)
  5. Half an Hour (7.7Mb)
  6. Murder in Haste (8.7Mb)
  7. My Adventure in Norfork (22Mb)
  8. No One Will Ever Know (4.8Mb)
  9. Success Story (8.6Mb)
  10. Suicide Club (5Mb)
  11. The Overcoat (5.5Mb)
  12. Picture of Dorian Gray (21.3Mb)
  13. The Tale (8.1Mb)

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