Absolute Power
Radio comedy about government-media relations consultants

BBCR4 2000 - 2004

Stephen Fry and John Bird star in all four series of the BBC Radio 4 satirical comedy, plus the 2006 special episode. Set in the Machiavellian world of modern PR, Absolute Power introduces us to London-based 'government-media relations consultancy' Prentiss McCabe, whose partners Charles Prentiss and Martin McCabe are frequently embroiled in the machinations of the British political system. Prentiss is ruthless, unscrupulous, and will go to almost any lengths to pull off a big commission, while McCabe does have a moral compass, but is too laid-back and fond of claret to use it very often.

  1. S1E1 - Conservative Party (34.5Mb)
  2. S1E2 - Relaunch of The Sun (35.2Mb)
  3. S1E3 - Mayor of London (33.7Mb)
  4. S1E4 - The Church of England (33.3Mb)
  5. S1E5 - Radio 3 (33.3Mb)
  6. S1E6 - English Sporting Success (34Mb)
  7. S2E1 - Martin Is Bored (34.2Mb)
  8. S2E2 - Promoting Philosophy (35.3Mb)
  9. S2E3 - Relaunching A Literary Career (35Mb)
  10. S2E4 - The Elderly Initiative (35.4Mb)
  11. S2E5 - Prison Reform (33.7Mb)
  12. S2E6 - Gayle Shand (35Mb)
  13. S3E1 - Poking the PM (35.7Mb)
  14. S3E2 - Health Service (35.7Mb)
  15. S3E3 - Big Brother (35.4Mb)
  16. S3E4 - A Tennis Star (35.7Mb)
  17. S3E5 - Men (27.3Mb)
  18. S4E1 - The BBC (32.6Mb)
  19. S4E2 - The Notion of Nation (33.8Mb)
  20. S4E3 - Healthy Eating (33.8Mb)
  21. S4E4 - US Presidential Campaign (31.7Mb)
  22. S4E5 - Special (31.6Mb)

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