Strange Adventure

Three-minute adventure stories from the 1940s
from archive.org

Strange Adventures includes short well-told adventures stories by Pat McGeehan in Hollywood, California. The episodes were short stories, approximately 3:30 minutes long. Strange Adventures was a Teleways syndication from 1945 and commercials were added locally.

  1. The Bronze Monster (6.1Mb)
  2. The Phantom Bride (6.4Mb)
  3. The Beach Of Diamonds (6.3Mb)
  4. The Badge Of Courage (6.2Mb)
  5. Good Salesmanship (6Mb)
  6. Pahua (6.1Mb)
  7. Books And Bullets (6.1Mb)
  8. The Mystery Of Shasta (6Mb)
  9. The Disappearing Moon (6.1Mb)
  10. Dealers's Choice (6.1Mb)
  11. Ghost Town (6.1Mb)
  12. The Wisdom Of Solomon (5.9Mb)
  13. Attack At Dawn (6Mb)
  14. The Mail Breakthrough (6Mb)
  15. Shanghaied (6.2Mb)
  16. Duel In Darkness (6Mb)
  17. Cow Town Marshal (6.1Mb)
  18. Jungle Mystery (6Mb)
  19. Ten Dollar Hero (6.1Mb)
  20. O'Connor Gets Ahead (6.2Mb)
  21. Juju (6.1Mb)
  22. The Phantom Signal (6.2Mb)
  23. Savage One (5.9Mb)
  24. Death In The Stars (6Mb)
  25. Gold For The Taking (6.2Mb)
  26. Curse Of The Kalahari (6.1Mb)
  27. The Yellow Cat (6.1Mb)
  28. Vendetta (6.1Mb)
  29. His Last Laugh (6.1Mb)
  30. Thin Ice (6.1Mb)
  31. The Code Of Honor (6.2Mb)
  32. Runaway (6.1Mb)
  33. The Borigo Ring (6Mb)
  34. The Jade God (6.2Mb)
  35. Getaway Car (6.2Mb)
  36. A Savage Honor (6.1Mb)
  37. Canyon Gold (6.1Mb)
  38. Haunted Hotel (6.1Mb)
  39. Death Rides The Limited (6Mb)
  40. Fresh Meat (6.1Mb)
  41. Spirit Tiger (6.3Mb)
  42. Island Below The Wind (6.2Mb)
  43. Jinx On The Speedway (6.2Mb)
  44. The Swamp Of Death (6.3Mb)
  45. Revenge Is Sweet (6.2Mb)
  46. Blue Water Andy (6.2Mb)
  47. Skeleton Gold (6.2Mb)
  48. The Man From Montmerte (6.1Mb)
  49. Death At Falcon Lodge (6.1Mb)
  50. The Road To Rawhide (6Mb)
  51. Sahara Adventure (6.2Mb)
  52. The Diamond Of Destiny (6.1Mb)
  53. Border Incident (6Mb)
  54. The Dance Of Death (6.1Mb)
  55. South Of The Border (6.1Mb)
  56. A Matter Of Salvage (6.1Mb)
  57. Malay Magic (6.1Mb)
  58. The White Shawl (6.2Mb)
  59. Murder Takes Note (6.1Mb)
  60. Voyage In The Clouds (4.9Mb)
  61. Damage Below (6.8Mb)
  62. Diamonds In The Desert (6.2Mb)
  63. The Wind Wagon (6.1Mb)
  64. Death Rides The Carousel (6.2Mb)
  65. The Friendly Ghost (6.1Mb)
  66. The Island Of Mystery (6.3Mb)
  67. The Five Tickets (6.2Mb)
  68. The Imposter (6.1Mb)
  69. Episode 69 (6.2Mb)
  70. John Friday Keeps Out (6.1Mb)
  71. Crossroads (6.1Mb)
  72. Death Rides The Desert (6.1Mb)
  73. The Captain's Double (6.2Mb)
  74. Death Wears Spurs (6.1Mb)
  75. John Friday Talks Fast (6.1Mb)
  76. Oasis Of Death (6Mb)
  77. The Frozen Barrier (6.2Mb)
  78. Squaw Gold (6.1Mb)
  79. The Man Who Stared (6.1Mb)
  80. Smart Guy (6Mb)
  81. Stepsons Of Satan (6.1Mb)
  82. The Jade Ring (6.1Mb)
  83. The Peace Maker (6.2Mb)
  84. Mystery Of Loon Lake (6.2Mb)
  85. Shots In The Night (6.1Mb)
  86. The Gypsy Warning (6.2Mb)
  87. Wolf Of The Desert (6.2Mb)
  88. Gold At Crater Lake (6.2Mb)
  89. Murder On Safari (6.2Mb)
  90. Black Maverick Mine (6.2Mb)
  91. Interlude In Siam (6.2Mb)
  92. The Cross Of Pearl (6.2Mb)
  93. The Purple Cow (6.3Mb)
  94. Murder On Haddon Road (6.2Mb)
  95. Night Ride (6.3Mb)
  96. Oyster Pirate (6.3Mb)
  97. Charm The Whip (6.4Mb)
  98. The Wing Bone (6.3Mb)
  99. Handwriting Of Murder (6.2Mb)
  100. The RedHead (6Mb)
  101. Legend Of The Bells (6.3Mb)
  102. Thunder Canyon (6.2Mb)
  103. Escape Artist (6.2Mb)
  104. The Doubles Diary (6.2Mb)
  105. Homecoming (6.3Mb)
  106. Forbidden Assignment (6.3Mb)
  107. A Matter Of Honor (6.2Mb)
  108. Serenade To Death (6.3Mb)
  109. Murder Attends The Opera (6.2Mb)
  110. A Home By The Sea (6.2Mb)
  111. A Helping Hand (6.2Mb)
  112. The Blue Whale (6.3Mb)
  113. Books and Black Gold (2Mb)
  114. The Justin Case (1.9Mb)
  115. Pride of the Diamond (2Mb)
  116. Rattlesnake Mesa (2Mb)
  117. Mine of the Parrot (1.9Mb)
  118. The Haunted Treasure (2Mb)
  119. Mail-Order Mate (1.9Mb)
  120. Old Three-Toes (1.9Mb)
  121. Bandits of Rebel River (1.9Mb)
  122. The Outcast (1.9Mb)
  123. Northland Mystery (1.9Mb)
  124. The Twisted Candle (1.9Mb)
  125. A Matter of Detection (1.9Mb)
  126. Bush Tracker (2Mb)
  127. Forest in the Clouds (1.9Mb)
  128. The Bewitching Smile (1.7Mb)
  129. Diamonds Death (2Mb)
  130. The Panther Trap (1.9Mb)
  131. Lee Shore (1.9Mb)
  132. A Shot in the Dark (2Mb)
  133. The Will of God (2Mb)
  134. Swift Floods the River (1.9Mb)
  135. The Hitch-Hiker (1.9Mb)
  136. Klondike Gold (1.9Mb)
  137. Rescue Tug (1.9Mb)
  138. Battleship on a Mountain (1.9Mb)
  139. Murder in the Mine (1.9Mb)
  140. Whispering Sands (2Mb)
  141. Werewolf Island (2Mb)
  142. The Blade of Don Antonio (1.9Mb)
  143. Duel on Horseback (2Mb)
  144. The Porcelain Pagoda (2Mb)
  145. Three Alarm (2Mb)
  146. Flight Into Darkness (1.9Mb)
  147. Jungle Strategy (1.9Mb)
  148. Mission of Madness (1.9Mb)
  149. Pattern For Murder (2Mb)
  150. The Reluctant Hero (1.9Mb)
  151. Fear (2Mb)
  152. Zombie (1.9Mb)
  153. Treasure Ship (2Mb)
  154. The Suspect (2Mb)
  155. Bird of Passage (2Mb)
  156. Masquerade (1.9Mb)
  157. Condor Lodge (1.9Mb)
  158. Role For the Money (2Mb)
  159. Murder At Midnight (1.9Mb)
  160. Batter Up (1.9Mb)

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