Adventures by Morse

Supernatural adventure stories written by Carlton E. Morse, from the 1940s
from archive.org

This series takes its place alongside I Love a Mystery, One Man's Family and other works by prolific author Carlton E. Morse. Produced after I Love a Mystery, this transcribed and syndicated show continued the earlier program's preoccupation with the eerie and the exotic.

Captain Bart Friday and his trusted companion Skip Turner ranged throughout the world in their quest for dangerous challenges to overcome. Undaunted by Nazis, murderers, vampires, deadly serpents, zombies and disciples of the dark arts they made their way through story lines with such titles as "Land of the Living Dead" and "Cobra King Strikes Back." John Dunning notes in On the Air that "there was usually a near-rational explanation" for the events that took place. Seldom did it come, however, until the listener's imagination had been enthralled by instances of the dreadful and even unthinkable.

All told, there were eight serials comprised of a total of fifty-two episodes, each thirty minutes in length. They originally aired in syndication for a year beginning in October, 1944. All have been preserved in high quality sound for those enticed by the show's signature opening to enter a world of "high adventure," "the stealth of intrigue" and "blood and thunder."

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Notes" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

  1. Audio Brief (1.3Mb)
  2. Biography of Carlton E Morse (8.3Mb)
  3. Interview with Carlton E Morse (6.9Mb)
  4. Whatever Became of Carlton E Morse? (7.9Mb)
  5. Promotion - #1 (unknown file size)
  6. Promotion - #2 (unknown file size)
  7. The City of the Dead 1 (The Adventure Begins) (23.5Mb)
  8. The City of the Dead 2 (I've Dug Up Something Ghastly) (23.9Mb)
  9. The City of the Dead 3 (The Body That Walked Off) (24.2Mb)
  10. The City of the Dead 4 (Old Clawfoot Again) (24.4Mb)
  11. The City of the Dead 5 (The Skeleton Walks In) (24.4Mb)
  12. The City of the Dead 6 (The Ghoul In The Grave) (23.6Mb)
  13. The City of the Dead 7 (Captain Friday Vanishes) (23.6Mb)
  14. The City of the Dead 8 (The Kidnapping Of Clawfoot) (23.5Mb)
  15. The City of the Dead 9 (Trail Of The Phantom Church Bell) (24.1Mb)
  16. The City of the Dead 10 (Where The Pearls Were Hidden) (23.9Mb)
  17. A Coffin for the Lady 1 (The Adventure Begins) (23.9Mb)
  18. A Coffin for the Lady 2 (Conversation In The Casket) (23.6Mb)
  19. A Coffin for the Lady 3 (Deepest Grave In The World) (24.4Mb)
  20. Cobra King Strikes Back 1 (The Adventure Begins) (23.4Mb)
  21. Cobra King Strikes Back 2 (The Adventure Continues) (23.2Mb)
  22. Cobra King Strikes Back 3 (The Mad King Of Ankar) (23.3Mb)
  23. Cobra King Strikes Back 4 (Temple Of The Gorillas) (24.8Mb)
  24. Cobra King Strikes Back 5 (The LIving Image Of Cambodia) (24.9Mb)
  25. Cobra King Strikes Back 6 (Terrors Of The Hollow Mountian) (24.8Mb)
  26. Cobra King Strikes Back 7 (The Face Of The Beast) (25Mb)
  27. Cobra King Strikes Back 8 (It Was Not Cannibalism) (24.6Mb)
  28. Cobra King Strikes Back 9 (Fangs And Teeth Of The Enemy) (24.3Mb)
  29. Cobra King Strikes Back 10 (Amazing End Of An Expedition) (24.1Mb)
  30. Girl on Shipwreck Island 1 (The Adventure Begins) (23.6Mb)
  31. Girl on Shipwreck Island 2 (The Pirate Is A Fighting Man) (23.4Mb)
  32. Girl on Shipwreck Island 3 (More About Gracie Than Meets The Eye) (23.7Mb)
  33. Adventures by Morse 44-07-08 (27) Dead Men Prowl 1 (The Adventure Begins) (23.9Mb)
  34. Adventures by Morse 44-07-15 (28) Dead Men Prowl 2 (The Prowler At Work) (24Mb)
  35. Adventures by Morse 44-07-22 (29) Dead Men Prowl 3 (The Dead Do Walk At Night) (23.9Mb)
  36. Adventures by Morse 44-07-29 (30) Dead Men Prowl 4 (Conversation With The Walking Dead) (24.1Mb)
  37. Adventures by Morse 44-08-05 (31) Dead Men Prowl 5 (The Walking Dead Captured) (24Mb)
  38. Adventures by Morse 44-08-12 (32) Dead Men Prowl 6 (Life History Of Prowlers) (24.1Mb)
  39. Adventures by Morse 44-08-19 (33) Dead Men Prowl 7 (Four Go To Join The Prowling Dead) (23.9Mb)
  40. Adventures by Morse 44-08-26 (34) Dead Men Prowl 8 (Prowler With The Rope Around His Neck) (24Mb)
  41. Adventures by Morse 44-09-02 (35) Dead Men Prowl 9 (Prowling Dead Walk Again) (24Mb)
  42. Adventures by Morse 44-09-09 (36) Dead Men Prowl 10 (The Prowling Dead Introduces Himself) (24.2Mb)
  43. Adventures by Morse 44-09-16 (37) You'll Be Dead in a Week 1 (The Adventure Begins) (24Mb)
  44. Adventures by Morse 44-09-23 (38) You'll Be Dead in a Week 2 (Twenty Thousand Dollars To Lose) (24.1Mb)
  45. Adventures by Morse 44-09-30 (39) You'll Be Dead in a Week 3 (The Conclusion) (24.4Mb)
  46. Adventures by Morse 44-10-07 (40) Land of the Living Dead 1 (The Adventure Begins) (24.2Mb)
  47. Adventures by Morse 44-10-14 (41) Land of the Living Dead 2 (The Adventure Continues) (23.9Mb)
  48. Adventures by Morse 44-10-21 (42) Land of the Living Dead 3 (The Green Eyed Murderess Again) (24.2Mb)
  49. Adventures by Morse 44-10-28 (43) Land of the Living Dead 4 (The Tree That Eats Flesh) (24.1Mb)
  50. Adventures by Morse 44-11-04 (44) Land of the Living Dead 5 (The Adventure Continues) (24.5Mb)
  51. Adventures by Morse 44-11-11 (45) Land of the Living Dead 6 (The Adventure Continues) (24Mb)
  52. Adventures by Morse 44-11-18 (46) Land of the Living Dead 7 (The Adventure Continues) (23.9Mb)
  53. Adventures by Morse 44-11-25 (47) Land of the Living Dead 8 (The Adventure Continues) (23.8Mb)
  54. Adventures by Morse 44-12-02 (48) Land of the Living Dead 9 (The Adventure Continues) (24.1Mb)
  55. Adventures by Morse 44-12-09 (49) Land of the Living Dead 10 (The Conclusion) (23.6Mb)
  56. Adventures by Morse 44-12-16 (50) It's Dismal to Die 1 (The Adventure Begins) (23.9Mb)
  57. Adventures by Morse 44-12-23 (51) It's Dismal to Die 2 (The Adventure Continues) (23.4Mb)
  58. Adventures by Morse 44-12-30 (52) It's Dismal to Die 3 (Bad Medicine For The Doctor) (23.5Mb)

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