Andy Hamilton Sort of Remembers
Comedian Andy Hamilton presents comic reminiscences and observations

Andy Hamilton is a familiar and much-loved voice on Radio 4. Now for the first time on the network, he presents a collection of observations and reminiscences about both his personal life and his 40 years working in comedy.

Over this 4 part series, Andy looks at Childhood, Politics, The Human Body and Animals. Using comic observation and personal anecdotes he will explore each theme, examining how much (or how little) things have changed in the 60ish years he's been on this planet. Each programme will provide 30 minutes of thoughtful, social history, but packed with laughs.

  1. Childhood (25.6Mb)
  2. Politics (25.2Mb)
  3. The Human Body (25.3Mb)
  4. Animals (25.1Mb)

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