Journey to the Centre of the Earth

1963 BBC radio serial based on the Jules Verne classic
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Radio serial based on the Jules Verne classic of
the same name, that was broadcast on the BBC Radio in 1963. The
adventures of Professor Von Hardwigg, his nephew Harry and their guide,
Hans are told as they go through a volcanic tube in Iceland. As they
reach the center of the earth, they encounter prehistoric animals and
other hazards.

Starring Bernard Horsfall and Jeffrey Banks.

  1. The Great Discovery (5.8Mb)
  2. The Shadow of Surprise (6.2Mb)
  3. Lost (6.1Mb)
  4. The Central Sea (6.4Mb)
  5. Battle of the Monsters (5.9Mb)
  6. The Hurricane (6.1Mb)
  7. The Mysterious Dagger (6.1Mb)
  8. The Journey is Ended (6.2Mb)

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