Alan Parker's 29 Minutes Of Truth

Reports and propaganda from Simon Munnery as Alan Parker, Urban Warrior.
from fistoffun.net

Alan Parker Urban Warrior, the clueless, Sham 69-obsessed, cod-radical creation of character comedian Simon Munnery, offered the people of Britain “29 minutes of truth… and one minute’s silence… in memory of the people no-one remembers” in this ‘built’ show which mixed urgent propaganda with half-cocked reports on the state of the nation. Alan, a latterday Wolfie Smith, aimed to provoke revolution using a Mockney accent, an assortment of sampled Clash riffs and some spectacular slogans (“On your side!”; “The Birmingham Six are free — when will the rest of Birmingham be free?”; “People of Britain! Don’t let them trample you into the ground! Trample yourselves into the ground! Then blame them.”)

  1. Series 1, Episode 1 (26.9Mb)
  2. Series 1, Episode 2 (27.7Mb)
  3. Series 1, Episode 3 (26.5Mb)
  4. Series 2, Episode 1 (27.5Mb)
  5. Series 2, Episode 2 (26Mb)
  6. Series 2, Episode 3 (26.8Mb)
  7. Christmas special (33.6Mb)

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