Alistair MacLean's Breakheart Pass

A magnificent tale of heart-stopping suspense from the highly acclaimed master of the genre, Alistair MacLean.The Rocky Mountains, Winter 1873…One of the most desolate stretches of railroad in the West. Travelling along it is a crowded troop train, bound for the cholera-stricken garrison at Fort Humboldt. On board are the Governor of Nevada, the daughter of the fort’s commander and a US marshal escorting a notorious outlaw. Between them and safety are the hostile Paiute Indians – and a man who will stop at nothing, not even murder…Performed by Ed Bishop

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  1. Breakheart Pass 01 (unknown file size)
  2. Breakheart Pass 02 (unknown file size)
  3. Breakheart Pass 03 (unknown file size)
  4. Breakheart Pass 04 (unknown file size)
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