All Gas and Gaiters

Ecclesiastical comedy from the early 1970s
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All Gas & Gaiters was a BBC TV comedy that ran for 5 series between 1967 and 1971. The birth of the series was documented in the drama All Month & Trousers here: After the TV series ended, two series of 13 episodes each, using the TV scripts, duly adapted, were broadcast.

The radio show used the same cast as the television series with the exception of Derek Nimmo, who left after the first series and was succeeded by Jonathan Cecil. Although seven radio episodes were thought to have been wiped, these were later found and all are available through radio enthusiasts.

  1. 01-05 The Bishop Rides Again (8.7Mb)
  2. 01-12 The Bishop Writes A Sermon (8.4Mb)
  3. 01-19 The Bishop Meets A Bird (15.4Mb)
  4. 01-26 The Bishop Turns To Crime (8.3Mb)
  5. 02-02 The Bishop Sees A Ghost (8.6Mb)
  6. 02-09 Only Three Can Play (16.4Mb)
  7. 02-16 The Dean Goes Primitive (8.4Mb)
  8. 02-23 The Bishop Gets A Letter (8.3Mb)
  9. 03-02 The Bishop Gives A Party (8.7Mb)
  10. 03-09 The Bishop Goes To Town (8.5Mb)
  11. 03-16 Give a Dog a Bad Name (15.4Mb)
  12. 03-23 The Bishop Gives A Shove (8.7Mb)
  13. 03-30 The Bishop Pays A Visit (8.5Mb)
  14. 05-28 When in Rome (15.4Mb)
  15. 07-24 The Bishop Learns the Facts (15.4Mb)
  16. 07-31 The Bishop Takes a Holiday (15.4Mb)
  17. 08-07 The Bishop Buys A Car (8.2Mb)
  18. 08-14 The Bishop Gets The Sack (8.3Mb)
  19. 08-21 The Bishop Has A Flutter (8.1Mb)
  20. 08-28 The Affair at Cookham Lock (8.2Mb)
  21. 09-04 The Bishop Loves His Neighbour (8.3Mb)
  22. 09-11 The Bishop Beats The System (8.5Mb)
  23. 09-18 The Bishop Entertains (8.2Mb)
  24. 09-25 The Bishop Gains a Reputation (15.4Mb)
  25. 10-02 The Bishop Buys a Mug (8.6Mb)
  26. 10-09 The Bishop Loses His Chaplain (8.4Mb)
  27. 10-23 The Bishop Is Hospitable (8.5Mb)
  28. 10-30 The Bishop Gives a Present (17.1Mb)
  29. 11-06 The Bishop Takes Up Business (8.6Mb)
  30. 11-13 The Bishop Keeps His Diary (8.3Mb)
  31. 11-20 The Bishop Warms Up (16.9Mb)
  32. 11-27 The Bishop Shows His Loyalty--Part (3.7Mb)
  33. 12-04 The Bishop Has a Rest (15.4Mb)

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