Seven Days That Rocked The World

Stuart Maconie presents a series on the major events that affected the rock music industry
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A BBC Radio 2 series from 2000 in which Stuart Maconie explores the major events that affected the rock music industry:

  1. Bill Hailey and the Comets - Rock Around the Clock (29.5Mb)
  2. Beatles On the Ed Sullivan Show (30.2Mb)
  3. Electric Dylan (30.6Mb)
  4. Rolling Stones' Altamont Show (24.6Mb)
  5. Live Aid Concerts (30.5Mb)
  6. Saturday Night Fever (30.9Mb)
  7. Death of Buddy Holly (30.5Mb)
  8. Isle of Wight Festival (30.1Mb)
  9. End of Pirate Radio (31.4Mb)
  10. Virgin Records - Tubular Bells (30.6Mb)
  11. Beatles' Split (30.7Mb)
  12. The Release Of Telstar (30.4Mb)
  13. Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (30.8Mb)
  14. John Lennon Murdered (30.6Mb)
  15. Ziggy Stardust (30.9Mb)
  16. Elvis Presley Comeback (30.9Mb)
  17. Music Video Industry (30.4Mb)
  18. Aerosmith and Run DMC - Walk This Way (30.3Mb)
  19. Kurt Cobain (30.1Mb)
  20. Charles Manson (29.8Mb)
  21. Natalie Maines (30.1Mb)
  22. Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight (30.6Mb)
  23. Alan Freed (30.8Mb)
  24. Sex Pistols Play Manchester (30.3Mb)
  25. Ozzy Osbourne (30.1Mb)

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