Vic Reeves' House Arrest

Surreal BBC Radio 2 sitcom from 2007
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Vic Reeves' House Arrest was a weekly radio comedy series written by and starring Vic Reeves. It was produced by Open Mike Productions and broadcast on BBC Radio 2 it co-starred Reeves' wife, Nancy Sorell, his comedy partner, Bob Mortimer and Mighty Boosh star, Noel Fielding. It was first broadcast in 2007 in the 1 pm slot on Saturday afternoons.

The show's premise was that Reeves had been put under house arrest for "a crime he didn't commit", each show beginning with Reeves informing listeners of a different ludicrous crime. Each episode consisted of the various events that take place in and around his house on a particular day. Regular occurrences included Reeves waking up the street and inadvertently firing objects into the local vicar's vestry in the process, reading bizarre small ads in the newspaper, watching a television programme, reading his book Nothing but the Sleuth, struggling to stop his records from jumping, and visiting the animal menagerie in his shed. Reeves was also visited by a variety of characters such as Carl, a talkative house call-making hairdresser, a local vagrant just out of jail and looking for odd jobs, and his parole officer.

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  1. Rode Elton John Like a Pig (0Mb)
  2. Put Pepper in Prince's Underpants (0Mb)
  3. Besmirched Clarkson's Name (0Mb)
  4. Shot Mick Jagger (0Mb)
  5. Wrote Forsyth's Jokes (0Mb)
  6. Fannied About on a Yacht (0Mb)

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