The Architects

Comedy series about an award-winning architect
from archive.org

Architect Sir Lucian (Geoffrey Whitehead) made his name 50 years ago as the most brutal of all brutalists. But times have moved on and so have most of his staff Sir Lucien founded his architectural practice on a commitment to concrete in all its forms. Fashion has been a cruel mistress and four decades later things are not going well for Sir Lucian and his team of loyal-ish employees. Those who remain must contemplate escape from the company and Sir Lucien's signature rough management style.

Written by Jim Poyser and Neil Griffiths.

  1. Pilot (12.7Mb)
  2. What's The Point? (12.5Mb)
  3. Fracking Hell (12.6Mb)
  4. Mad Helene (12.3Mb)
  5. Multi-Faith (12.6Mb)
  6. Airport (12.5Mb)
  7. Refurb (12.4Mb)
  8. Turret (12.4Mb)
  9. DIY (12.6Mb)

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