For Every Music Lover

LibriVox recording of Aubertine Woodward Moore's essays
from archive.org

LibriVox recording of For Every Music Lover, by Aubertine Woodward Moore.

A series of essays for music lovers, covering many topics. From music appreciation, to violin and symphony, music education, to piano and, in fact, the very origins of music, there is sure to be something for everyone. (Summary by prwells32)

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Download M4B (130MB)

  1. Preface (3Mb)
  2. The Origin and Function of Music (23.5Mb)
  3. Blunders in Music Study (17.6Mb)
  4. The Musical Education That Educates (11.2Mb)
  5. How to Interpret Music (18Mb)
  6. How to Listen to Music (17.5Mb)
  7. The Piano and Piano Players (34.9Mb)
  8. The Poetry and Leadership of Chopin (17.8Mb)
  9. Violins and Violinists - Fact and Fable (36.3Mb)
  10. Queens of Song (30.8Mb)
  11. The Opera and Its Reformers (21.8Mb)
  12. Certain Famous Oratorios (14.9Mb)
  13. Symphony and Symphonic Poem (14.6Mb)

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