The Secret Life of Rosewood Avenue

Radio comedy series starring James Grout
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The Secret Life of Rosewood Avenue is a British radio comedy series, first broadcast on the Radio in 1991. Written by Stephen Sheridan, it starred James Grout, Margaret Courtenay and Jean Heywood and was produced by Lissa Evans. It concerned the Reverend Timothy Carswell, a timid and somewhat naive vicar who is assigned to an apparently respectable parish which is actually a hotbed of (among other things) gossip, passion, geriatric prostitution and murder ... all of which is going on under Reverend Carswell's unsuspecting nose.

  1. Moving In (30.7Mb)
  2. Entertaining Edwin (32.7Mb)
  3. Raising The Dead (36.6Mb)
  4. Miss Willow and the One-Eyed Gentleman (36.1Mb)
  5. Mrs Garland's Good Deeds (29.3Mb)
  6. The Resurrection of Reverend Carswell (53.1Mb)

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