Brian Appleton Collection

Series of spoof music lectures by Graham Fellows
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Rock musicologist and part-time media studies tutor, Brian Appleton attempts to assert his rightful place in the music history books.

Brian charts the beginnings of his influence on the rock world when, as a young boy, he met apprentice gravedigger Rod Stewart in London’s Highgate cemetery.

With the help of a maggot, Brian gave Rod the idea for his hit Maggie May...

  1. Eight Miles Low (22.8Mb)
  2. Consider Yourself Dumped Upon (22.3Mb)
  3. Come Up And See Me (22.1Mb)
  4. Kajaboohoo (22.4Mb)
  5. My Turn To Be Poorly (22.3Mb)
  6. A Lot Of Knowledge (22.3Mb)
  7. Christmas Single (6.4Mb)
  8. From Cliff To Dale (22.3Mb)
  9. Elvis Lives (22.6Mb)
  10. Let’s Look At Sound (22.5Mb)
  11. Now Let’s Listen To Light (22.4Mb)
  12. King Steve (22.4Mb)
  13. It’s Not What You Know, It’s The Who (22.4Mb)

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