Andrew Collins and panelists come up with top threes.
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Banter is a radio programme that is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the UK, starring Andrew Collins and Richard Herring. The pilot and the first 2 series were broadcast from August 2005 to November 2006, and a third series was broadcast in April and May 2008. There have been 19 half-hour episodes so far. The programme normally takes the form of invited guests naming their "top threes" in a given category.

The series was devised by Tim Barber and is produced for Radio 4 by Avalon. A pilot for a television version under the name of "Rule Of 3" was recorded in October 2011 with Rebecca Front as host and team captains Russell Howard and Chris Addison.

  1. Lucy Porter, Russell Howard, Will Smith (Pilot Episode) (26Mb)
  2. Will Smith, Russell Howard, Jenny Eclair (26.7Mb)
  3. Will Smith, Simon Day, Lynn Ferguson (26.5Mb)
  4. Russell Howard, Arthur Smith, Natalie Haynes (24.7Mb)
  5. Russell Howard, Sue Perkins, Chris Addison (25.3Mb)
  6. Will Smith, Lynn Ferguson, Dave Gorman (26.3Mb)
  7. Will Smith, Russell Howard, Jenny Éclair (26.3Mb)
  8. Russell Howard, Lucy Porter, Arthur Smith (25.8Mb)
  9. Rob Deering, Lynn Ferguson, Russell Howard (25.8Mb)
  10. Barry Cryer, Sue Perkins, Will Smith (25.8Mb)
  11. Russell Howard, Lee Mack, Julia Morris (25.8Mb)
  12. Chris Addison, Natalie Haynes, Will Smith (25.8Mb)
  13. Russell Howard, Will Smith, Lynn Ferguson (25.8Mb)
  14. Dave Gorman, Russell Howard, Dillie Keane (19.3Mb)
  15. Jenny Eclair, Russell Howard, Arthur Smith (19.4Mb)
  16. Natalie Haynes, Russell Howard, Will Smith (19.3Mb)
  17. Miranda Hart, Russell Howard, Will Smith (19.5Mb)
  18. Chris Addison, Jenny Eclair, Will Smith (19.4Mb)
  19. Lynn Ferguson, Tim Vine, Will Smith (19.4Mb)

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