Batman: Knightfall

BBC dramatisation of the DC Comics storyline, from 1994
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In 1994, BBC Radio 1 broadcast Batman: Knightfall, an audio drama adaptation of the DC Comics story lines Knightfall, Knightquest and Knight's End. It was adapted, produced and directed by Dirk Maggs, with music composed by Mark Russell, and stars Bob Sessions, Michael Gough, Peter Marinker and Kerry Shale.

  1. Death of an Angel (6.3Mb)
  2. The Order of St Dumas (7.1Mb)
  3. Azrael Reborn (7.9Mb)
  4. Jean Paul's Vow (7Mb)
  5. Scar Tissue (6.7Mb)
  6. Bane Learns, Robin Teaches (7.1Mb)
  7. Only One Batman (8.9Mb)
  8. A Lousy Riddle (9.8Mb)
  9. Loose Nuts (9.8Mb)
  10. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party (12.5Mb)
  11. Bane versus Killer Croc (8.3Mb)
  12. Way Too Much (8.2Mb)
  13. Hot Foot to the Funfair (9.2Mb)
  14. Maniacs, Minor and Major (7.8Mb)
  15. The Last Straw (9.2Mb)
  16. Broken Bat (8.5Mb)
  17. The Joker-Scarecrow Divorce (8.2Mb)
  18. City of Venom (9.3Mb)
  19. The End Justifies the Means (9.7Mb)
  20. A British Connection (9.6Mb)
  21. PSI Amplification (5.8Mb)
  22. Angel of Death (7.5Mb)
  23. Alfred's Resignation (11.8Mb)
  24. The Joker's Movie (7.8Mb)
  25. Abattoir (11.3Mb)
  26. Mantle of the Bat (7.9Mb)
  27. Lady Shiva's Challenge (6.3Mb)
  28. Two Robins (7.7Mb)
  29. Two Bats (9.5Mb)
  30. Leaving the Dark (11.3Mb)
  31. Knightballs - Outtakes (19.3Mb)
  32. Pre-Restoration Opening Sequence (0.8Mb)

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