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Episodes 1-221 of Justin McGuire's Baseball by the Book podcast
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A veteran baseball journalist interviews today's best baseball authors about their books. For more info and episodes 222+, go to baseballbythebook.libsyn.com

  1. 101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out (41.7Mb)
  2. The Summer of Beer & Whiskey (10Mb)
  3. The Last Innocents (10.7Mb)
  4. Bloomer Girls Women Baseball Pioneers (9.9Mb)
  5. Almost Perfect (10.3Mb)
  6. Leo Durocher (10.3Mb)
  7. The Amazing Baseball Adventure (10.7Mb)
  8. Baseball Meat Market (10.5Mb)
  9. 501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read Before They Die (9.8Mb)
  10. Fastball John (11.6Mb)
  11. Baseball Life Advice (10.4Mb)
  12. Macho Row (10.6Mb)
  13. Smart Baseball (6.5Mb)
  14. The New Baseball Bible (7.9Mb)
  15. One Nation Under Baseball (10.6Mb)
  16. Alou (45.6Mb)
  17. The Phenomenon (9Mb)
  18. Casey Stengel (9.2Mb)
  19. In Pursuit of Pennants (12.6Mb)
  20. Bottom of the 33rd (8.7Mb)
  21. Cuba's Baseball Defectors (11.4Mb)
  22. Banned (10.1Mb)
  23. Making My Pitch (8.7Mb)
  24. Playing America's Game (11.3Mb)
  25. Crazy '08 (9.7Mb)
  26. The Shift (44.9Mb)
  27. Frick Baseball's Third Commissioner (11Mb)
  28. The Celebrant (58.6Mb)
  29. Ballplayer (43.3Mb)
  30. The Chicago Cubs Story of a Curse (10.5Mb)
  31. The Big Chair (9.7Mb)
  32. The Immaculate Inning (43.9Mb)
  33. The Joy of Keeping Score (34.4Mb)
  34. The Bird (43.5Mb)
  35. The Only Rule Is It Has to Work (20.3Mb)
  36. The Streak (12.6Mb)
  37. Split Season 1981 (21Mb)
  38. Ghosts in the Gallery at Cooperstown (10.7Mb)
  39. Ahead of the Curve (21.8Mb)
  40. Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Legends (10.9Mb)
  41. Big Data Baseball (9.3Mb)
  42. Summer of '68 (11.4Mb)
  43. Baseball's Most Baffling MVP Ballots (22.1Mb)
  44. Slide, Kelly, Slide (11.4Mb)
  45. Incredible Baseball Stats (18.7Mb)
  46. Brooks (16.3Mb)
  47. Cardboard Gods (19.1Mb)
  48. Big Hair & Plastic Grass (44.1Mb)
  49. Motor City Champs (67.2Mb)
  50. Dodgerland (44.7Mb)
  51. Whitey Herzog Builds a Winner (38.3Mb)
  52. Banzai Babe Ruth (10.8Mb)
  53. Under the March Sun (43.4Mb)
  54. Connie Mack's First Dynasty (10.4Mb)
  55. Hank Greenberg in 1938 (8.5Mb)
  56. Root for the Home Team (8.1Mb)
  57. Haunted Baseball (10.1Mb)
  58. The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading & Bubble Gum Book (9.3Mb)
  59. As Good As It Got (10.8Mb)
  60. Belles of the Ballpark (13.9Mb)
  61. Danger at the Ballpark (9.6Mb)
  62. Wizardry (9.3Mb)
  63. The Comic Book Story of Baseball (36.7Mb)
  64. Playing for a Winner (11.7Mb)
  65. The Cooperstown Casebook (12.4Mb)
  66. Mint Condition (56Mb)
  67. No Place I Would Rather Be (74.7Mb)
  68. Rally Caps, Rain Delays & Racing Sausages (10.3Mb)
  69. Baseball Greatness (34.5Mb)
  70. The Plan (6.3Mb)
  71. Last Train to Cooperstown (10.5Mb)
  72. The Making of Major League (12.6Mb)
  73. From the Dugouts to the Trenches (42.3Mb)
  74. Ty Cobb A Terrible Beauty (12Mb)
  75. Black Baseball's National Showcase (7.9Mb)
  76. The Battle that Forged Modern Baseball (45Mb)
  77. The Book (44.5Mb)
  78. Will Big League Baseball Survive? (19.4Mb)
  79. Integrating Cleveland Baseball (9Mb)
  80. Insight Pitch (44.8Mb)
  81. Lost Ballparks (10.3Mb)
  82. The Page Fence Giants (45.1Mb)
  83. 100 Years of Who's Who in Baseball (7.5Mb)
  84. Rock Solid (10.8Mb)
  85. Clemente (11Mb)
  86. The Detroit Wolverines (35.2Mb)
  87. Autumn Glory (9.7Mb)
  88. The Voices of Baseball (40.2Mb)
  89. No Bull (9Mb)
  90. God Almighty Hisself (13.2Mb)
  91. Diamonds from the Dugout (8.3Mb)
  92. Tom Yawkey (32.2Mb)
  93. Nine Innings (11.4Mb)
  94. The Arm (12.9Mb)
  95. The Bad Guys Won! (9.6Mb)
  96. The Game (56.3Mb)
  97. City of Dreams (39.9Mb)
  98. Mystery Ball '58 (7.2Mb)
  99. The Soul of Baseball (10.7Mb)
  100. The Echoing Green (11.9Mb)
  101. Piazza (9.9Mb)
  102. Winning Ugly (46.3Mb)
  103. Tinker to Evers to Chance (43.2Mb)
  104. Astroball (41.3Mb)
  105. A Season in the Sun (33.5Mb)
  106. The Pride of the Yankees (11.6Mb)
  107. Streak Joe DiMaggio & the Summer of '41 (34.2Mb)
  108. My Cubs a Love Story (11.4Mb)
  109. Baseball America's Ultimate Draft Book (9.6Mb)
  110. One Pitch Away (12.7Mb)
  111. Terror in the City of Champions (9.6Mb)
  112. Home of the Braves (40.4Mb)
  113. The Golem's Mighty Swing (10.7Mb)
  114. The Age of Ruth & Landis (40.6Mb)
  115. Ninety Percent Mental (39.3Mb)
  116. Walter Johnson (14.8Mb)
  117. Baseball in the Garden of Eden (8.2Mb)
  118. The Eighth Wonder of the World (9.5Mb)
  119. The Baseball Codes (34.7Mb)
  120. Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic (10.8Mb)
  121. Satchel (41Mb)
  122. Cincinnati Red & Dodger Blue (12.3Mb)
  123. Baseball's Roaring Twenties (10.1Mb)
  124. The Jewish Baseball Card Book (7.7Mb)
  125. Breaking Babe Ruth (41.3Mb)
  126. Brothers in Arms (45.3Mb)
  127. Spirit of '67 (10.8Mb)
  128. The Last Best League (41.6Mb)
  129. Davey Johnson My Wild Ride in Baseball & Beyond (45.4Mb)
  130. Fantasy Life Baseball & the American Dream (10.8Mb)
  131. Stars & Strikes (20Mb)
  132. Urban Shocker (7.7Mb)
  133. The Cloudbuster Nine (40.6Mb)
  134. Up, Up & Away (13.6Mb)
  135. Ten Innings at Wrigley (71.1Mb)
  136. Jackie Robinson a Biography (105.1Mb)
  137. Seasons in Hell (12.6Mb)
  138. Down to the Last Pitch (13.4Mb)
  139. Joe Cronin (55.1Mb)
  140. National Pastime (11Mb)
  141. One Shot at Forever (40.1Mb)
  142. The Pine Tar Game (39.8Mb)
  143. Last Seasons in Havana (44.7Mb)
  144. Scouting & Scoring (44.6Mb)
  145. They Said It Couldn't Be Done (43.7Mb)
  146. Electric October (8.7Mb)
  147. When the Crowd Didn't Roar (47.9Mb)
  148. A Fine Team Man (47.2Mb)
  149. When Big Data Was Small (65.5Mb)
  150. The Presidents & the Pastime (44.1Mb)
  151. Phinally! (51.1Mb)
  152. Reggie Jackson (44.9Mb)
  153. The Rhino in Right Field (41Mb)
  154. September 1918 (39.4Mb)
  155. Game Faces (44.6Mb)
  156. Baseball Cop (39.4Mb)
  157. An October to Remember 1968 (43.8Mb)
  158. Doc, Donnie, the Kid & Billy Brawl (49.6Mb)
  159. Let's Play Two (51.4Mb)
  160. Luckiest Man (46.1Mb)
  161. Rowdy Patsy Tebeau & the Cleveland Spiders (41Mb)
  162. Shoeless (55Mb)
  163. Warren Spahn (44.4Mb)
  164. Blue Monday (36.4Mb)
  165. Baseball's Best 1,000 (6.3Mb)
  166. Playing with Tigers (42.1Mb)
  167. Ballpark (77.4Mb)
  168. Baseball in a Grain of Sand (45.2Mb)
  169. Nuclear Powered Baseball (55Mb)
  170. Strike Four (68.1Mb)
  171. Hidden Ball Trick (63.9Mb)
  172. The Giants of the Polo Grounds (41.2Mb)
  173. Almost Yankees (50.2Mb)
  174. Baseball Gods in Scandal (69.1Mb)
  175. Waiting for a Sign (46.4Mb)
  176. K A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches (46.2Mb)
  177. Dollar Sign on the Muscle (45.4Mb)
  178. Fail Better (52.6Mb)
  179. Unwritten (68.3Mb)
  180. Our Bums (48Mb)
  181. Something Magic (50Mb)
  182. Edgar (63.7Mb)
  183. The Big Fella (49.2Mb)
  184. Are We Winning? (12.3Mb)
  185. Baseball Pioneers (46.2Mb)
  186. Baseball's Golden Age & the Big Show (13.3Mb)
  187. The Road to Omaha (8.7Mb)
  188. Batting Clean (65.2Mb)
  189. Mission 27 (65.9Mb)
  190. Baseball Goes West (40.3Mb)
  191. The MVP Machine (76.4Mb)
  192. Power Ball (41.4Mb)
  193. The Devil's Snake Curve (39.6Mb)
  194. The Year of the Pitcher (44.4Mb)
  195. The Dizzy & Daffy Dean Barnstorming Tour (68.3Mb)
  196. Black Baseball's Last Team Standing (65.5Mb)
  197. Scandal on the South Side (54.8Mb)
  198. Here's the Pitch (45.9Mb)
  199. A Season to Forget (64.7Mb)
  200. The Fight of Their Lives (34.7Mb)
  201. Batting Stance Guy (46.1Mb)
  202. Outsider Baseball (11Mb)
  203. Lefty O'Doul (9.1Mb)
  204. A Well-Paid Slave (43.2Mb)
  205. Hustle (44.2Mb)
  206. The Mickey Rawlings Baseball Mysteries (24.7Mb)
  207. July 2, 1903 (68.5Mb)
  208. The Pitch That Killed (50.7Mb)
  209. A Whole New Ballgame (75Mb)
  210. Now Taking the Field (53.3Mb)
  211. The Selling of the Babe (9.9Mb)
  212. They Bled Blue (64.7Mb)
  213. Baseball Is Back (8.6Mb)
  214. The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (39.3Mb)
  215. Going the Distance (53.2Mb)
  216. Red Sox vs. Yankees (69.7Mb)
  217. The Legendary Harry Caray (87.9Mb)
  218. Under One Roof (8.9Mb)
  219. Aussie Baseball Musings (9.2Mb)
  220. She Loved Baseball (30.4Mb)
  221. The New York Yankees in Popular Culture (65.3Mb)

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