The Hotel

Series of ghost stories set in an isolated English hotel
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A series of creepy yet mesmerizing ghost stories by Daisy Johnson and narrated by a selection of masterful actresses, including Sara Kestelman, Nicola Walker, Maxine Peake, Anne-Marie Duff, Adioa Andoh and Juliet Stevenson.

1) THE HOTEL read by Sara Kestelman
2) THE WITCH read by Nicola Walker
3) THE BUILD read by Maxine Peake
4) INFESTATION read by Anne-Marie Duff
5) CLEAN read by Ronke Adekoluego
6) THE WEDDING read by Alexandria Riley
7) CONFERENCE read by Jessica Raine
8) THE MONSTER read by Bettrys Jones
9) NIGHT WATCH read by Anne-Marie Duff
10) BRIONY read by Adjoa Andoh
11) HAUNTED read by Laurel Lefkow
12) MOTHER read by Rebecca Root
13) THE STORY read by Juliet Stevenson
14) THE PRIEST read by Barbara Flynn
15) THE FILM read by Sara Kestelman

Produced by Justine Willett

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 20 September - 27 December 2020

  1. The Hotel (19.3Mb)
  2. The Witch (19Mb)
  3. The Build (18.8Mb)
  4. Infestation (18.8Mb)
  5. Clean (18.6Mb)
  6. The Wedding (18.4Mb)
  7. Conference (18.8Mb)
  8. The Monster (19Mb)
  9. Night Watch (18.9Mb)
  10. Briony (18.9Mb)
  11. Haunted (18.7Mb)
  12. Mother (18.6Mb)
  13. The Story (18.7Mb)
  14. The Priest (18.7Mb)
  15. The Film (19Mb)

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