Isaac Asimov's I Robot

Five short dramas charting the rise of robotics in the 21st century
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The rise of robotics in the 21st century, told through the poignant and mysterious story of enigmatic lawyer, Stevie Byerley. Starring Hermione Norris.

Episode One : Robbie
As a child, Stevie Byerley is raised by Robbie, a robotic childminder, because her parents are too busy working. The powerful bond she forms with the robot is unbreakable. Their relationship will change the course of Stevie's life.

Episode Two : Reason
After two years recovering from a devastating car crash, Stevie returns to work as a Legal Psychologist. Her first case is to try and reason with a robot that has developed religious delusions and a Messiah complex.

Episode Three : Little Lost Robot
The Three Laws of Robotics are sacred because they define the limits of artificial intelligence, tamper with them at your peril. But Stevie finds that's exactly what's happened on a space station where a rogue robot has been reprogrammed and is now AWOL.

Episode Four : Liar
Stevie is urgently summoned to an advanced research lab in Siberia, where a robot has developed the ability to read human minds.

Episode Five : The Evitable Conflict
Stevie enjoys a meteoric rise to political power. Then in a final showdown with her oldest friend Quinn, she reveals the secret that has shaped her life and changed the course of civilisation forever.

Originally written over 60 years ago, Isaac Asimov's stories are becoming truer with every day that passes. The world that he imagined is now upon us.

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