Police drama by Patrick Carroll, set in 1830
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A six-part BBC Radio series written by Patrick Carroll, set in 1830, a year after the Metropolitan Police Force was created, much to the displeasure of the public and certain members of the ruling class.

PC Martin Quin ... Mick Ford
Sir Robert Peel ... Norman Jones
Richard Mayne ... Killian McKenna
Jeremiah Morley ... James Booth
Lord Trowle ... Richard E. Grant
Colonel Brown ... Peter Jeffrey
Maria Staples ... Joanna Myers
Sergeant Dutton ... Ronald Herdman
Inspector Beale/Frederick Roe ... Timothy Bateson
PC Atkinson/Sergeant Cazalet/Mr. Evans ... Alan Barker
PC Smythe/Francis Place/Turnkey/Mr. Luke ... Mark Straker
Lord Laverton/PC Rourke ... James Greene
Mr. Yardley ... Richard Pearce
Arthur Jenkins ... Ian Lindsay
The Reverend Charles Lyton ... Timothy Carlton
Mrs. Gascoyne ... Elizabeth Bell
Peter the Screever ... Fraser Kerr
Mrs. Gregory ... Elizabeth Kelly
Florrie ... Susan Sheridan

Directed by Janet Whitaker

Originally Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 July - August 1991

  1. The New Force (42.1Mb)
  2. Riots (40.8Mb)
  3. Reputaton (39.6Mb)
  4. Imprisonment (41.3Mb)
  5. Blaggard (41.8Mb)
  6. Breaking Point (41.2Mb)

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