Stand-Up Specials
One-off stand-up comedy shows from BBC radio

BBC Radio 4 stand-ups zoom through angst from all angles.

The BBC comedy series brings together half-hour sets from established acts such as Ruby Wax and Lucy Porter to newer acts including Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Imran Yusuf and Joz Norris.

They all reward a listen - and, at 28 minutes a pop, can be digested in the time it takes to (not) travel to work or knock up a socially isolated dinner ...

  1. Alun Cochrane - Centrist Dad (25.6Mb)
  2. Anna Morris - Kid-Life Crisis (unknown file size)
  3. Ashley Blaker's Goyish Guide to Judaism - 1 (25.7Mb)
  4. Ashley Blaker's Goyish Guide to Judaism - 2 (25.5Mb)
  5. Bilal Zafar's British Muslim Love (25.4Mb)
  6. Borderline - A postcard from the edge of the Union (unknown file size)
  7. Dave Podmore's Positive Test (25.7Mb)
  8. Eleanor Tiernan - Success Without a Sex Tape (25.4Mb)
  9. Elvis McGonagall - Full Tartan Jacket (25.4Mb)
  10. Gemma Arrowsmith - Emergency Broadcast (25.3Mb)
  11. Geoff Norcott - Right Leaning But Well Meaning (25.3Mb)
  12. Heidi Regan - Overthinker (25.4Mb)
  13. Imran Yusuf - Relabelled (25.6Mb)
  14. Jacob Hawley - Class Act (unknown file size)
  15. Jacob Hawley's Welcome to Britain (25.4Mb)
  16. Jayde Adams - From Asda to Diva (25.5Mb)
  17. Jo Caulfield - Pretending to Care (25.5Mb)
  18. Joz Norris - A Small Talk on Small Talk (25.8Mb)
  19. Kiri Pritchard-McLean - Egg-sistential Crisis (25.4Mb)
  20. Lucy Porter in the Family Way (25.6Mb)
  21. Lucy Porter - Back in the Family Way (25.7Mb)
  22. Olga Koch - Fight (25.7Mb)
  23. Phil Wang - Wangsplaining (25.7Mb)
  24. Pippa Evans Grows Up (25.4Mb)
  25. Rachel Parris - Austensibly Feminist (unknown file size)
  26. Ruby Wax - Frazzled - 1 (25.4Mb)
  27. Ruby Wax - Frazzled - 2 (unknown file size)
  28. Sofie Hagen - How to Love Your Fat (unknown file size)
  29. Stephen Buchanan - Talking Shop (unknown file size)
  30. Suzi Ruffell - Postcards to Portsmouth (unknown file size)
  31. Syd (unknown file size)
  32. The Last Days of Michael Legge (unknown file size)
  33. Tom Allen Is Actually Not Very Nice (unknown file size)

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