The Slide

A seven-part BBC science fiction serial from 1966, by Victor Pemberton
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A earthquake opens up a huge fissure in the new town of Redlow in Kent. Then a mysterious mud begins to ooze out, and animals and birds begin to mysteriously die. On the instructions of the dominating Minister of Parliament Hugh Deverill, seismologist Josef Gomez is called in to examine the continuing earth tremors. But the effects of the oozing mud are having a strange effect on people, and Professor Gomez and his team's findings begin to reveal a terrifying fact ... that there is a lethal intelligence in the mud itself and if not stopped the human race may be in danger of extermination!

Hugh Deverill, MP ... Maurice Denham
Professor Josef Gomez ... Roger Delgado
Dr. Ken Richards ... David Spenser
Anna Deverill ... Marion Mathie
Mrs. Wilson ... Miriam Margolyes
Inspector Baxter ... Geoffrey Matthews
Sergeant Johnson ... Wilfred Babbage
Professor Lambert ...Rolf Lefebvre
Professor Lippert ... Allan McClelland
Janet Marshall ... Elisabeth Proud
"Tug" Wilson ... Stephen Jack
Constable/First Journalist/Pilot ... Anthony Jackson
RAF Corporal ... Anthony Hall
Mrs. Luke ... Noel Hood
Nursing Sister ... Eva Haddon
Newscaster/AC2 Gibbons ... Nigel Graham
Sorenson ... Fraser Kerr
Nurse ... Patricia Leventon
Dr. Robeson ... Michael Kilgarriff
Second Journalist ... Hector Ross
Third Journalist/Policeman/Ground Control ... Brian Hewlett
American Journalist ... Peter Marinker
Vicar ... Noel Howlett
Margaret Griffiths, MP ... Joan Matheson
TV Interviewer ... Henry Stamper

Special Sound Effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Directed by John Tydeman

Broadcast on the BBC Light Programme 13 February - 27 March 1966

  1. Moment of Silence (31.8Mb)
  2. Down Came a Blackbird (31.8Mb)
  3. Analysis (32.5Mb)
  4. Heartbeat (32.1Mb)
  5. Danger Point (32.1Mb)
  6. Time Limit (31.3Mb)
  7. Out of the Darkness (31.9Mb)

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