Dead Man's Ransom

1995 radio adaptation of the Brother Cadfael detective story
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Brother Cadfael (Classic Crime With The Brits. No 1)
is the main fictional character in a series of historical murder mysteries written between 1977
and 1994 by the linguist-scholar Edith Pargeter under the name "Ellis Peters". The character of Cadfael himself is a Welsh Benedictine monk living at the Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, in Shrewsbury,
western England, in the first half of the 12th century. The stories are set between about 1135 and about 1145, during "The Anarchy", the destructive contest for the crown of England between King Stephen and Empress

  1. Hostage (11.6Mb)
  2. Ambassador (11.9Mb)
  3. A Princely Death (12.2Mb)
  4. Allies (12.6Mb)
  5. A Helping Hand (12.5Mb)

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