The Tape Recorded Highlights Of A Humble Bee

The ordinary life of a bee
from archive.org

BBC comedy. A hapless, jazz-loving insect's audio diary of his mainly uneventful life. With Mark Williams and Tim Whitnall.

  1. 'Introducing Me' and 'The Dinner Date' (22.6Mb)
  2. 'Keep Fit' and 'Night Owl' (21.9Mb)
  3. 'Spanish Guitar Lessons' and 'Springtime Parade' (23.1Mb)
  4. 'Red Admiral' and 'Doing the Dishes' (12.7Mb)
  5. 'Out and About' and 'Downtown' (22.9Mb)
  6. 'The Pandeban' and 'Feeling Iffy' (22.5Mb)

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