Behind the Mike

A behind-the-scenes view of radio from the 1940s
from archive.org

A behind-the-scenes view of radio personalities, personnel and operations. This version of the program aired from 15 Sep 1940 until 19 Apr 1942. Of the possible 83 episodes, it appears only 32 are currently known. The program was developed as a way for radio listeners to learn more of their favorite radio personalities, programs, and behind-the-scenes people who contributed to the production of radio programs. The host of the show was Graham McNamee.

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Notes" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

  1. First Episode (13.6Mb)
  2. Warming Up A Studio Audience (13.7Mb)
  3. Baby's Cries (11.4Mb)
  4. Versatile Acting (13.5Mb)
  5. Sundown On The Veldt (13.4Mb)
  6. Radio Sneezing (13.6Mb)
  7. Stoogedom (13.3Mb)
  8. Sound Effects (13.6Mb)
  9. Making A Living By Dying (13.7Mb)
  10. Dinah And The Truck Driver (13.6Mb)
  11. War News Mistakes (27.2Mb)
  12. Musical Bridges (13.6Mb)
  13. Radio's Dramatic Actresses (13.6Mb)
  14. Difficult Names (13.5Mb)
  15. Radio Almanac (13.6Mb)
  16. Weird Prospective Guest Interview (13.6Mb)
  17. Script Writers (13.6Mb)
  18. FDR Third Inaugural Ceremonies (13.6Mb)
  19. You're My Dream (13.6Mb)
  20. Putting A Program Together (13.6Mb)
  21. The Lady From Oklahoma (13.4Mb)
  22. Character Actors (13.5Mb)
  23. Comedy Broadcasts (13.6Mb)
  24. Pioneers Of Radio Entertainment (13.6Mb)
  25. The Lee DeForrest Story (13.5Mb)
  26. Director - Star Relations (13.5Mb)
  27. Enoch Light's Disappearance From The Airways (13.6Mb)
  28. Amusing Stories Behind Radio (13.4Mb)
  29. Selling A Show To A Sponsor (13.7Mb)
  30. The Associated Press (13.7Mb)
  31. Zulu Radio Star (13.7Mb)
  32. Impersonations Of Famous People (13.7Mb)

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