Bergerac and the Fatal Weakness
Detective audiobook

A new adventure where BBC TV's detective Bergerac becomes involved with
the murder of an elderly Jersey resident, the IRA threatening a
programme of assassinations and a scarlet fever threat on Jersey. Andrew
Saville is the pseudonym of an award-winning crime writer.Read by John Nettles

  1. 01_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (6.5Mb)
  2. 02_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (6.5Mb)
  3. 03_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (9.8Mb)
  4. 04_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (9.8Mb)
  5. 05_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (9.8Mb)
  6. 06_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (9.4Mb)
  7. 07_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (10.2Mb)
  8. 08_Bergerac_And_The_Fatal_Weakness (9.3Mb)

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