La Genèse du Réel

French-language 1988 work by Bernard de Montréal on evolutionary psychology
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La Genese du Reel, for which an introductory book in English, Beyond the Mind, was written, is the first instructional volume of its kind on evolutionary psychology.

In the laborious struggle to advance in the comprehension of the life experience and reason for being, man has always had to delve into the records of the human soul's past. La Genèse du Réel materializes the blueprint for the individualization of creative mind constructivity, through the reader's recognition of his or her own spirit intelligence.

Unbiased by the memorial influences of collective cultural concepts in the perpetual conflict of a polarized thought process, this channeled volume draws its reader out of past collective memory and into his own intelligence.

La Genese du Reel is the portal from human involution to evolution, from psychological pollution to psychic health, from an enslaved soul to a free spirit, which every being must recuperate for his own individualization, in one lifetime or another.

  1. no title (3.3Mb)
  2. le libre arbitre (39.5Mb)
  3. La mort et la vie mentale inférieure de l'homme (unknown file size)
  4. Les entités et l'intelligence humaine (unknown file size)
  5. Les adeptes de l'astral (36.9Mb)
  6. L'homme intégral (unknown file size)
  7. L'astral de la pensée (unknown file size)
  8. La pensée subjective (unknown file size)
  9. La pensée humaine (unknown file size)
  10. L'involution versus l'évolution (unknown file size)
  11. L'occulte de la pensée (unknown file size)
  12. Le mystère de l'homme et l'astral (unknown file size)
  13. L'intelligence de l'homme et le monde de la mort (57.9Mb)
  14. Le mensonge cosmique et l'éveil de la conscience (unknown file size)
  15. La conscience occulte universelle (26.6Mb)
  16. La masse psychique mondiale (36.2Mb)
  17. Les plans invisibles (43.4Mb)
  18. La psychologie humaine et le monde la mort (37.3Mb)
  19. Le phénomène OVNI et l'humanité future (unknown file size)
  20. L'épuration du mental humain (unknown file size)
  21. la pensée humaine et la vérité (unknown file size)
  22. La mediumité et le monde de la mort (unknown file size)
  23. L'esclavage de l'esprit (32.8Mb)
  24. le psychisme humain (34.7Mb)
  25. le centre de la terre (38.6Mb)
  26. du doute et de la croyance (29.3Mb)
  27. communication avec les plans (24.3Mb)
  28. l'atome et la conscience nouvelle (33.4Mb)
  29. L'univers de la pensée (unknown file size)

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