Best of Neil Rogers 1993

Best of Neil Rogers Show 1993
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Best of Neil Rogers Show 1993

  1. Sodomy (3.1Mb)
  2. Mets Slide Story (2.4Mb)
  3. Pus Palace (0.8Mb)
  4. Sharon Stone (3.2Mb)
  5. If I Farted In Heaven (3.4Mb)
  6. While Your Window Is Open (1.6Mb)
  7. Almost A Woman To Me (3Mb)
  8. It's Sixteen (1.9Mb)
  9. Cover Of Vanity Fair (2.7Mb)
  10. Best Of Meals (2Mb)
  11. Tommy (2.3Mb)
  12. Rick Riley Stole My Briefcase (1.2Mb)
  13. Rick Riley Song (1.8Mb)
  14. Walk Away Renee (2Mb)
  15. Preparation Rush (0.9Mb)
  16. Bald Spot (3Mb)
  17. Bald Spot Call/King (0.9Mb)
  18. Lowe Blow (1.1Mb)
  19. Bitchy Woman (2.4Mb)
  20. My Wife Left Town With Hank Goldberg (0.9Mb)
  21. Joey's Days Are Done (2.8Mb)
  22. Jim Baker's In Jail (2.4Mb)
  23. Jack-In-The-Box (0.7Mb)
  24. Crazy Casem #2 (unknown file size)
  25. He's Just Andrew Dice (2.2Mb)
  26. Dream On Randi (2.6Mb)
  27. Madonna-Pull My Finger (1.5Mb)
  28. Blob L (3.7Mb)
  29. Bob Lassiter Disease (1.9Mb)
  30. Dangerous Lesions (1.2Mb)
  31. STD Pick It Up Bouquet (1.1Mb)
  32. Start The Obscenity (1.4Mb)
  33. That's Just Great Radio (2Mb)
  34. Horny Kennedy Guys (2.8Mb)
  35. I Found Jesus (2.3Mb)
  36. It's Only David Bowie (2.6Mb)
  37. Judging You (2Mb)
  38. Lenny's (1.4Mb)
  39. Ears Like That (3Mb)
  40. Richard Gere (2.2Mb)

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