Better Than Life
Cult sci-fi read by Chris Barrie

Rob Grant and Doug Naylor's cult sci-fi Red Dwarf, read by Rimmer himself, Chris Barrie.

1 Lister, Cat and Rimmer waste away in a computer fantasy. Can lowly service mechanoid Kryten rescue them?

2 Holly strikes up a relationship with Talkie Toaster, and Rimmer's mind screws it up for everyone.

3 Rimmer makes a daring jailbreak in a woman's body. Holly is almost out of time when he makes a discovery.

4 Lister's recovery is interrupted by a game of planetary snooker and a shocking revelation. Read by Rimmer himself, Chris Barrie.

5 Lister awaits rescue. And waits. And waits. Back on the ship, however, time behaves oddly.

6 Rimmer and Cat mount a rescue mission and find an old man. Could a black hole answer all their problems?

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