Big Girl, Small Town
An abridgment of Michelle Gallen's novel

An abridgment of Michelle Gallen's brutally funny, and often brutal, novel about a fictional community near the Northern Irish border. Majella is the opinionated and awkward big girl, Aghybogey is the stiflingly small town. This is where she lives with her alcoholic mother and works in chippy frequented by a cornucopia of colourful characters, eccentrics and eejits. She loves Dallas (except for the 1985-86 season), but hates Other People - especially those who gossip about her family, speculate about her father's disappearance during the Troubles and whisper about who might be behind her granny's untimely death.

Episode 1 of 7 - Monday

Welcome to the story of Majella's week - a week both raucously routine and unexpectedly life-altering.

Episode 2 of 7 - Tuesday

Today is her birthday, but as every year, what Majella wants more than anything is news about her missing dad. Nicola Coughlan continues to read a week in Majella's life.

Episode 3 of 7 - Wednesday

Majella buys a new duvet. Under it is the perfect place to hide from the world and remember the last time she saw her granny and dad.

Episode 4 of 7 - Thursday

There's a rude awakening for Majella today when she gets an phonecall about her granny.

Episode 5 of 7 - Friday

The day has come for her granny's will to be read - not that Majella's family is prepared. But the shock brings back unexpected memories of caravans...

Episode 6 of 7 - Saturday

Another day in the chippy, but oddly no sign of Jimmy Nine Pints and his sausage supper. And the tables are turned when it's Majella's turn to save her mum.

Episode 7 of 7 - Sunday

The final episode in Majella's week and she gets an indecent proposal or two down the pub. But she has a big decision to make, not just which beer to drink.

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