The Air Adventures of Biggles
Aviation adventure radio serial, 1949-54

From Wikipedia:

James Bigglesworth, nicknamed "Biggles", is a fictional pilot and adventurer, the title character and hero of the Biggles series of adventure books, written for young readers by W. E. Johns (18931968). Biggles made his first appearance in the story The White Fokker, published in the first issue of Popular Flying magazine and again as part of the first collection of Biggles stories, The Camels Are Coming (both 1932). Johns continued to write "Biggles books" until his death in 1968, the series eventually spanning nearly a hundred volumes including novels and short story collections most of the latter with a common setting and time.

In the 1950s, a popular Australian radio version of Biggles was made under licence. Johns did not write the scripts and apparently ended the contract after receiving complaints from young readers that the storyline had made Biggles "go soft" by taking up a blonde female lover.

From rusc.com/old-time-radio/articles/The-Air-Adventures-of-Biggles.aspx?id=5842:

In 1932, William Earl Johns, a former British bomber pilot, published the first of his 'Biggles' stories in the Popular Flying magazine.

The story was well received and so he began to write more tales of the fictional pilot and adventurer, Squadron Commander James Bigglesworth.

The series of books which followed were a terrific hit worldwide, with W E Johns going on to write over one hundred books and short stories, which were translated into over a dozen different languages. There was also a movie, a comic strip, a TV show, and even a video game featuring the Biggles character!

With such an exciting series of action and adventure stories, they were perfect for radio, but at a time when the US was already moving on to television, old time radio dramas were taking more of a back seat, so it was Australia who finally grabbed the baton and ran with it, producing this thrilling WWI and WWII air combat old time radio serial drama in 1949.

The Air Adventures of Biggles shows were excellently produced, with superb sound effects and exciting music, and they stayed true to the stories written by their author and relatively true to history, with Biggles flying several British military aircraft, such as Sopwith Camels during World War I, Hawker Hurricanes and Spitfires in World War II, right through to the Hawker Hunter fighter jet fighter in a postwar adventure, Biggles in the Terai.

Over a thousand, fifteen minute, episodes were produced between July 1949 until March 1954, but most of these appear to have been lost over time.

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  1. The Black Raider, Part 1 of 24 (unknown file size)
  2. The Black Raider, Part 2 of 24 (unknown file size)
  3. The Black Raider, Part 3 of 24 (unknown file size)
  4. The Black Raider, Part 4 of 24 (unknown file size)
  5. The Black Raider, Part 5 of 24 (unknown file size)
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  7. The Black Raider, Part 7 of 24 (unknown file size)
  8. The Black Raider, Part 8 of 24 (unknown file size)
  9. The Black Raider, Part 9 of 24 (unknown file size)
  10. The Black Raider, Part 10 of 24 (unknown file size)
  11. The Black Raider, Part 11 of 24 (unknown file size)
  12. The Black Raider, Part 12 of 24 (unknown file size)
  13. The Black Raider, Part 13 of 24 (unknown file size)
  14. The Black Raider, Part 14 of 24 (unknown file size)
  15. The Black Raider, Part 15 of 24 (unknown file size)
  16. The Black Raider, Part 16 of 24 (unknown file size)
  17. The Black Raider, Part 17 of 24 (unknown file size)
  18. The Black Raider, Part 18 of 24 (unknown file size)
  19. The Black Raider, Part 19 of 24 (unknown file size)
  20. The Black Raider, Part 20 of 24 (unknown file size)
  21. The Black Raider, Part 21 of 24 (unknown file size)
  22. The Black Raider, Part 22 of 24 (unknown file size)
  23. The Black Raider, Part 23 of 24 (unknown file size)
  24. The Black Raider, Part 24 of 24 (unknown file size)
  25. In the Blue, Part 1 of 37 (unknown file size)
  26. In the Blue, Part 2 of 37 (unknown file size)
  27. In the Blue, Part 3 of 37 (unknown file size)
  28. In the Blue, Part 4 of 37 (unknown file size)
  29. In the Blue, Part 5 of 37 (unknown file size)
  30. In the Blue, Part 6 of 37 (unknown file size)
  31. In the Blue, Part 7 of 37 (unknown file size)
  32. In the Blue, Part 8 of 37 (unknown file size)
  33. In the Blue, Part 9 of 37 (unknown file size)
  34. In the Blue, Part 10 of 37 (unknown file size)
  35. In the Blue, Part 11 of 37 (unknown file size)
  36. In the Blue, Part 12 of 37 (unknown file size)
  37. In the Blue, Part 13 of 37 (unknown file size)
  38. In the Blue, Part 14 of 37 (unknown file size)
  39. In the Blue, Part 15 of 37 (unknown file size)
  40. In the Blue, Part 16 of 37 (unknown file size)
  41. In the Blue, Part 17 of 37 (unknown file size)
  42. In the Blue, Part 18 of 37 (unknown file size)
  43. In the Blue, Part 19 of 37 (unknown file size)
  44. In the Blue, Part 20 of 37 (unknown file size)
  45. In the Blue, Part 21 of 37 (unknown file size)
  46. In the Blue, Part 22 of 37 (unknown file size)
  47. In the Blue, Part 23 of 37 (unknown file size)
  48. In the Blue, Part 24 of 37 (unknown file size)
  49. In the Blue, Part 25 of 37 (unknown file size)
  50. In the Blue, Part 26 of 37 (unknown file size)
  51. In the Blue, Part 27 of 37 (unknown file size)
  52. In the Blue, Part 28 of 37 (unknown file size)
  53. In the Blue, Part 29 of 37 (unknown file size)
  54. In the Blue, Part 30 of 37 (unknown file size)
  55. In the Blue, Part 31 of 37 (unknown file size)
  56. In the Blue, Part 32 of 37 (unknown file size)
  57. In the Blue, Part 33 of 37 (unknown file size)
  58. In the Blue, Part 34 of 37 (unknown file size)
  59. In the Blue, Part 35 of 37 (unknown file size)
  60. In the Blue, Part 36 of 37 (unknown file size)
  61. In the Blue, Part 37 of 37 (unknown file size)

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