Biography in Sound

1950s NBC documentary series
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Biography In Sound was a documentary series broadcast from 1954 to 1958 on NBC. Joseph Meyers, a NBC newsman, produced a documentary on Winston Churchill for his 80th birthday, November 30, 1954. It was an instant hit and highly praised by critics. Encouraged by the show's success, Meyers went on to produce another piece on the writer Ernest Hemingway, again to wide critical acclaim. After the third documentary on Gertrude Lawrence, the show was serialized and aired weekely for 60 minutes beginning in February, 1955.

  1. Sigmond Romburg (13.4Mb)
  2. Winston Churchill (11.7Mb)
  3. Ernest Hemingway (12.3Mb)
  4. Show Biz (12.5Mb)
  5. Gertrude Lawrence (12.5Mb)
  6. Carl Sandburg (12.5Mb)
  7. The Actor (12.5Mb)
  8. Stan Kenton (12.5Mb)
  9. Ethel Barrymore (12.6Mb)
  10. Ernest Hemingway (12.5Mb)
  11. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (12.5Mb)
  12. Leo Durocher (12.5Mb)
  13. George Bernard Shaw (12.5Mb)
  14. Carl Sandburg (12.5Mb)
  15. Stan Kenton (12.5Mb)
  16. Gertrude Lawrence (12.5Mb)
  17. F Scott Fitzgerald (12.5Mb)
  18. George Washington (13.6Mb)
  19. John L Lewis (12.5Mb)
  20. Biography In Rhythm (13.4Mb)
  21. The Atom (12.9Mb)
  22. Babe Ruth (12.2Mb)
  23. The Serious George Gershwin (11.8Mb)
  24. Clarence Darrow (13Mb)
  25. Franklin P Adams (12.2Mb)
  26. Thomas Wolfe (13.3Mb)
  27. Jerome Kern (12.3Mb)
  28. Albert Schweitzer (11.3Mb)
  29. John Golden (13.6Mb)
  30. Grantland Rice (13.2Mb)
  31. George Washington (12.5Mb)
  32. W.C. Fields (9.8Mb)
  33. George M Cohan (12.5Mb)
  34. Thornton Wilder (12.6Mb)
  35. Connie Mack (13.4Mb)
  36. Sinclair Lewis (13.7Mb)
  37. Robert Benchley (11.5Mb)
  38. Salute To Radio (12.4Mb)
  39. A Portrait of Fred Allen (12.3Mb)
  40. Thomas Wolfe (13.6Mb)
  41. Fiorello Laguardia (13.6Mb)
  42. HL Mencken (12.3Mb)
  43. George Bernard Shaw (12.5Mb)
  44. Frank Lloyd Wright (12.2Mb)
  45. Biography In Rhythm (13.3Mb)
  46. Franklin P Adams (12.5Mb)
  47. Grandma Moses (12.5Mb)
  48. Knute Rockne (12.5Mb)
  49. Clarence Darrow (13Mb)
  50. WC Fields (12.5Mb)
  51. Woodrow Wilson (11.8Mb)
  52. Mary Martin (12.5Mb)
  53. Alexander Wolcott, the Town Crier (14.5Mb)
  54. John Golden (12.4Mb)
  55. Ticket To The Moon (11Mb)
  56. Robert Benchley (12.2Mb)
  57. Fred Allen (12.4Mb)
  58. Grandma Moses (12.3Mb)
  59. Frank Lloyd Wright (12.2Mb)
  60. Fiorello Laquardia (13.6Mb)
  61. Arturo Toscanini (12.1Mb)
  62. Franklin Roosevelt (12.5Mb)
  63. Thornton Wilder (12.6Mb)
  64. F Scott Fitzgerald (12.5Mb)
  65. George M Cohan (12.5Mb)
  66. Grandma Moses (12.3Mb)
  67. Ernest Hemingway (12.5Mb)
  68. Carl Sandburg (12.5Mb)
  69. Robert Benchley (12.2Mb)
  70. Grantland Rice (12Mb)
  71. Woodrow Wilson (11.8Mb)
  72. Alexander Woolcott (12.2Mb)
  73. Alben W Barkley (12.1Mb)
  74. Danny Kaye (12.6Mb)
  75. Theodore Roosevelt (11.6Mb)
  76. Ernie Pyle (11.6Mb)
  77. Eddie Rickenbacker (12.5Mb)
  78. Clarence Darrow (13Mb)
  79. Theodore Roosevelt (11.9Mb)

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