The Blackburn Files
Comedy drama about a northern detective agency

first aired in 89 and 93, it was a popular series and often mentioned for its pleasant story lines.

  1. 101 A Case of Making Good (26.9Mb)
  2. 102 A Case of Parma Violets (25.6Mb)
  3. 103 A Cruel Case of War (25.3Mb)
  4. 104 A Case of Plagiarism (26.2Mb)
  5. 105 A Case of Haddock and Plaice (26.9Mb)
  6. 0201 A Case of Frinks and Moores (33Mb)
  7. 0202 A Case of Hearts and Flowers (33Mb)
  8. 0203 A Case of a Golden Smile (33Mb)
  9. 0204 A Case of Whistle and Run (33Mb)
  10. 0301 Case of Winners and Losers (33Mb)
  11. 0302 A Case of Hard Times (33Mb)
  12. 0303 A Case of Drowning Sorrows (33Mb)
  13. 0304 A Case of Happy Endings (33Mb)

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