Blackstone, The Magic Detective

15-minute mystery drama from the 1940s
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Blackstone, the Magic Detective was a 15-minute radio series which aired Sunday afternoons at 2:45pm ET on the Mutual Broadcasting System from October 3, 1948 until April 3, 1949.

The series, starring Ed Jerome as "the world's greatest living magician," was based on real-life magician Harry Blackstone Sr. Storylines usually opened with Blackstone (Jerome) telling his friends John (Ted Osborne) and Rhoda (Fran Carlon) about an experience from his past, and this mystery story was then dramatized in a flashback. At the end, Blackstone challenged the audience to find a solution to the magical mystery. Each show concluded with Blackstone outlining a trick that listeners could perform for the amusement of their friends.

The announcer for the series was Alan Kent, and the background organ music was supplied by Bill Meeder. The scripts were written by Walter B. Gibson, the ghostwriter of Blackstone's books.

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  1. Midway Robberies (3Mb)
  2. The Frozen Lady (3Mb)
  3. The Hooded Rider (3Mb)
  4. The Phantom Intermezzo (3Mb)
  5. The Vanashing Pearls (3.1Mb)
  6. The Curse of the Yogi (3Mb)
  7. The Coin of Cleopatra (3.2Mb)
  8. The Hand of Cagliostro (2.9Mb)
  9. The Message from Nowhere (3Mb)
  10. The Riddle Of The Red Rose (3Mb)
  11. The Missing Palmist (3.1Mb)
  12. The Ladder of Welth (3.1Mb)
  13. The Deathless Shots (3Mb)
  14. The Riddle of the Eight Ball (2.9Mb)
  15. The Cellini Statuette (2.9Mb)
  16. The Curse of Kali (3.1Mb)
  17. Footsteps In The Night (2.7Mb)
  18. The Voodoo Treasure (2.9Mb)
  19. Four Keys to Crime (2.8Mb)
  20. The Knife from the Dark (2.7Mb)
  21. Death in the Crystal (2.8Mb)
  22. Hindu Sword Cabinet (2.8Mb)
  23. Face Of Death (2.8Mb)
  24. Voice From The Void (2.8Mb)
  25. Bird Of Doom (2.8Mb)
  26. Phantom Detective (2.8Mb)
  27. Riddle Of The Seven Zombies (2.8Mb)
  28. Crime In The Stars (2.8Mb)
  29. Devil's Cauldron (2.8Mb)
  30. Ghost In The Crypt (2.8Mb)
  31. Accusing Corpse (2.8Mb)
  32. Death Defying Death (3Mb)
  33. The Criminal Who Caught Himself (2.9Mb)
  34. Vanishing Brooch (2.8Mb)
  35. Crimes On A Merry Go Round (2.8Mb)
  36. Magic Writing (2.7Mb)
  37. Mark Of Crime (2.7Mb)
  38. Creeping Death (end missing) (2.2Mb)

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